STEEL 01How developers are ‘steeling’ themselves in troubled times.   

By Carlos Martinez, CPA

Under the best circumstances, there are more than enough moving parts to keep even the most organized construction manager busy. Material costs, project delays and ripples in the supply chain are just a few variables that need to be juggled from planning to project completion. But the current trade war has shuffled yet another wild card into the deck – one that has been causing turmoil and feeding into all the other common hurdles of project management.

 SMART BUILDINGS 01Here are intelligent technology integrations for a smarter building.   

By Mark Reinbold

As facility managers or directors, you likely want to have it all. You strive to deliver the best environment possible for occupants every day: one that is comfortable, safe and productive. But at the same time, you also need to keep your own internal operational needs top of mind, like energy efficiency and equipment output. 

 LISA ANN MARCHESI 01Women are helping to pave the way to great things in construction.   

By Lisa-Ann Marchesi

The shifts in the construction industry over the past decade have been profound. Digital technologies aiding in the advancement of energy efficiency, sustainability and safety; monumental feats in design and building skyscrapers to staggering heights, once dreamed of as purely science fiction; and a discernible influx of women in the construction space altering the demographic make-up of the workforce. The changes are head-spinning.

 JOBSITE CYBERSECURITY 01IT strategies can project your vital digital assets.   

By Sumir Karayi

When most construction firms plan for jobsite security, it involves physical precautions: security fencing, locking gang boxes or even a posted guard or surveillance cameras. But what about digital security? The need to protect digital assets is more critical than ever. Our recent survey, “Getting Your House in Order” found that more than 80 percent of construction companies report having suffered at least one serious data breach in the last two years. 

 DIGITIZATION 01Digitization is impacting the multifamily construction industry.   

By Tom Keenan

The demand for multifamily-style housing is increasing rapidly. In fact, between now and 2030, the United States will need to need to construct 4.6 million apartments just to keep up with rising demand. While apartment construction has increased since the Great Recession, it remains well below historical averages and the level needed to meet demand. 

 CULTURAL BENCHMARKING 01Having a good culture is more than being OSHA or HR compliant.   

By David R. Leng

“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.” - Sir William Thomson (Lord Kelvin). 

Businesses always strive to improve, but unless you know what the problem is, you can’t truly fix it, and if you don’t truly fix it your improvement is nothing more than blind surgery. Let’s take for example your experience modifier, which is one of the biggest drivers of an employer’s workers’ compensation premium. The lower your experience modifier is the lower your premium will be. 


 CONTRACTS 01There are key clauses you should know in construction contracts.   

By Lance Currie

Clearly and properly allocating risks in the construction contract right improves the likelihood of a successful project and avoids disputes. Standard forms, like the American Institute of Architects’ A201 General Conditions of the Contract for Construction, are a common starting place, but which clauses are most critical to owners or contractors? The clauses below arguably generate the most discussion and negotiation, and owners and contractors would be wise to familiarize themselves with each. 

 COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION 01Here are three components shaping commercial construction.   

By Tom Tomaszewski

Construction remains a major contributor to the U.S. economy, employing more than 7 million workers and creating nearly $1.3 trillion worth of new structures each year. The industry spending notched its seventh consecutive year of growth in 2018 and in Indiana, construction contributed $13.4 billion of the state’s GDP of $352.3 billion. Nationwide, the construction industry contributed $874.9 billion in the first quarter of 2019 to the U.S. economy.

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