Rockford HomesRockford Homes’ subcontractor and client relationships play a large role in the company’s success.

By Jim Harris

Rockford Homes’ relationships with its subcontractors and suppliers are critical to its ability to build and develop homes and residential communities. “We have a loyal base of subcontractors who, because of our history of working together, was able to react to and handle changes we made to our products during the Great Recession,” says Donald Wick, president of the Columbus, Ohio-based company.

The company prides itself on paying subcontractors and suppliers on a weekly basis. “We’ve retained their loyalty by treating them in a manner where they know they can make money,” he adds. “There’s no arguments about it – they know what and when they’re getting paid.”

WebcorWebcor Builders is putting the finishing touches on a 21-story tower at a historic site in Hollywood where CBS had its broadcast and recording studios for decades.

By Russ Gager

Enthusiasts of mid-twentieth-century, old-time radio programs such as Jack Benny's “Lucky Strike Program,” Lucille Ball's “My Favorite Husband” and “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet” might be familiar with the CBS studios in Hollywood from which they were broadcast. That site, now designated as a historic-cultural monument and named Columbia Square, is being transformed into a mixed-use media village and creative office complex encompassing an entire city block and emphasizing the entertainment and high-tech industries.

MidstateMidstate Construction Corporation is meeting the challenges of building a large apartment development on a tight schedule.

By Russ Gager

Being client-oriented is a real advantage when building a 148-unit apartment development such as Canyon Ridge. Located in American Canyon, Calif., Canyon Ridge will have seven three-story apartment buildings and one clubhouse. Ground was broken by general contractor Midstate Construction Corporation in September 2015, and the development is due for completion by January 2017.

“We’re very client-oriented,” Project Manager Rick Oberdorfer says. “We do a lot of different types of work: retail, hospitality, market-rate housing and affordable housing. Our main focus is on the client and making sure we meet the client’s needs. We’re not really working on just this project – we’re working on a relationship with a client, so that when the next one comes along, everybody knows what they can expect, and hopefully we’re successful at staying partners with them throughout the long term.”

Hill ConstructionHill Construction weathered the recession by broadening its projects and entering the public sector.

By Tim O’Connor

The Great Recession was a dry period for the construction industry, but when a rare project did emerge owners sought contractors that they were confident would not go under and would see the building through. In the Lowcountry region along South Carolina’s coast, that contractor was Hill Construction.

US Cabinet Depot picExtensive inventory, strong partnerships and distribution growth are all reasons why US Cabinet Depot is growing its presence.

By Eric Slack

Headquartered in Atlanta, US Cabinet Depot has established itself thanks to a blend of knowledge and experience in the cabinet industry. The company is committed to providing products that exceed customers’ expectations in quality, price and service. 

“Our company is a success story that started by working with our partners overseas,” says Steven Xu, founder, co-owner and CEO. “The company was set up in 2012, and we’ve been doubling sales every year since.”

Epcon picEpcon provides lifestage buyers with a comfortable lifestyle.

By Alan Dorich

When their children leave home, parents might find themselves looking for a smaller living space. Epcon has provided homebuyers with those spaces for 30 years, Vice President of Franchising Tim Rini says.

Based in Dublin, Ohio, Epcon builds homes and neighborhoods that are popular with homebuyers who are age 55 or older. Founders Ed Bacome and Phil Fankhauser started the company in 1986 and built their first condominium community in Columbus, Ohio.

Puerta Villa at Pellicano El Paso TXBohannon Development Corp. has a reputation for building developments that are just right for their residents.

By Chris Petersen

Tom Bohannon was a young partner with a Florida-based real estate developer who was tasked with moving the firm into new territories. When he first set foot in El Paso, Texas, in 1977, he soon came to realize what a special opportunity the city and surrounding area represented to a young and ambitious person like himself. The relatively inexpensive property in the area and the enormous growth potential appeared to be the right mix for someone looking to go into business for himself, and that’s exactly what Bohannon did with the creation of Bohannon Development Corp. in 1980.

cascadia clubhouse

Galaxy Builders' experienced staff and pre-construction expertise enabled it to reach the quarter-century milestone. By Jim Harris

Galaxy Builders Ltd.’s staff of loyal, skilled employees helps it build strong relationships with clients. “Our people are what distinguish us,” says Neilesh Verma, president of the San Antonio, Texas-based contractor. “It’s our people who have done this kind of work time and time again, who bring a vast amount of knowledge to what needs to be built [and] who help us stand out.”

The company’s building experience extends back to 1991, when it was founded by Verma’s father Arun, an industry veteran who had previously worked as president of another contractor. This year marks the company’s 25th anniversary.

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