Window and door products that will last the lifetime of an estate home are the market niche of Tradewood Windows and Doors Inc. These unique solutions are crafted using the latest information technology and manufac­turing equipment to reduce expense through efficiencies and deliver old-world craftsmanship at competitive new-world prices.

When a company has been in business since 1928, it has learned a thing or two. And a company can hardly survive eight decades without gaining a favorable reputation. That is the story of Scherrer Con­struction Co. Inc., based in Burlington, Wis.

The garage can be many different things to many different people – a place to park or fix your car, a hangout, a storage area, a workshop or even a practice space for the next Nirvana. While it can be all those things and more, it shouldn’t be a place for clutter. Thanks to the folks at PremierGarage, it doesn’t have to be. Back in 1998, founder Mark Loberg literally started the company in his garage. In the Phoenix area, basements are few and far between, so storage space is at a premium.

What started out as a backyard business founded by two brothers in 1967 has grown into one of the most successful contracting enterprises in the mid-Atlantic region. Under parent company Fort Pitt Group, Blue Dot provides today’s customers with multiple services including HVAC, LEED solutions, plumbing, building automation and indoor air quality audits for commercial and residential developments throughout the region. 

For the past 25 years, Glyn Garner has gained construction experience in the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland and St. Martin. Since 1997, he’s been working in Antigua, West Indies, building relationships and learning how to deliver successful projects. Today, he acts as director of Black & White Construction Ltd., which offers clients top-notch residential projects.

The first stop for many investors looking to build properties in the Dominican Republic is the offices of Sunshine-Invest Real Estate and Construction Co. and Planificarq Architects. While each company operates independently, the two regularly work together closely, as Planificarq serves as the chief architect on the majority of projects built and listed by Sunshine-Invest, says Bodo Hellberg, president of Sunshine-Invest. Eris Espinal, the director of Planificarq, used to be Sunshine-Invest’s in-house designer before establishing his own company. “We have a very good relationship,” Hellberg says.

Local Cayman Islands contractor Hurlstone Ltd. is celebrating 15 years of successful and ongoing construction business providing general contracting services for myriad clientele. From its inception in 1995, Hurlstone Ltd. has built projects such as office buildings, apartment complexes, hotels, commercial and industrial buildings, and single-family luxury homes up to $200 million (U.S.) for a large client base.

Green and sustainability have been the core focus of Chicago-based Casualty Recovery Group Inc. since it was founded in November 2008. “Even since its inception, that has been our goal,” Director and founding partner Tom Nesbitt stresses.

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