Having been a leader in the modular industry since 1965, DeLuxe Building Systems has developed construction methods designed to provide advantages beyond what is available through stick-building or less-refined system-built approaches. The DeLuxe Building Systems method is focused on saving time on projects while delivering exceptional quality.

“Don Meske founded the company. Together he and his son Dan are the executive management of the company and have established a strong senior management team,” Vice President of Sales and Marketing John Erb says. “The company started as a modular manufacturer doing single-family housing. Over time, it moved into multi-family, townhouses and row houses to steel structures, urban revitalization and infill projects. Today we focus only on steel and concrete projects.”

The June 2013 collapse of a building under demolition at 22nd and Market streets in Philadelphia onto an adjacent Salvation Army store had a long-reaching impact on the city’s construction industry. 

Lawsuits, investigations and intense public scrutiny followed the accident, which killed six people and injured 14. One of the incident’s most immediate effects was the city’s passage of legislation that made it much more difficult to obtain demolition permits. The new laws required demolition contractors to establish their qualifications and prohibited the use of heavy machinery to demolish buildings adjacent to occupied structures. 

For Alliance Residential Co., the key to success has been the ability to forecast its market. “We’ve got some high-energy development partners that are able to see product needs early,” Vice President of Construction Mike Chambers says. “We go into the right marketplaces with the right product.”

Based in Phoenix, the real-estate company acquires, owns, develops and manages multifamily properties nationwide. Since its start in 2001, Alliance has become a leader in its industry thanks to its number of units and its staff, Managing Director of Austin and San Antonio Brandon Easterling says. 

To make a house feel truly like a home, every little detail has to be just as the homeowner envisions it. By offering homebuilders an unparalleled array of choices in its line of doors, mouldings, and floors, Sun Mountain helps them deliver exactly what the homebuyer wants. Vice President Ed Wright says offering “tremendous customization” to its customers is the key to Sun Mountain’s success and a major part of the reason why the company expects aggressive expansion over the next few years. 

The company has been in operation since 1998, when it was founded as a dealer and distributor of doors and mouldings for custom homes in Colorado ski resort communities. The company’s ability to pre-finish doors and trim made it unique in the marketplace, and soon the company added the capability to manufacture its own doors. Today, Sun Mountain has multiple showrooms across the country and plans to open more in the near future. Although the company faces competition that includes several big-name manufacturers, Wright says Sun Mountain has been able to thrive thanks to its customizable products and distribution model.

SBI Builders Inc. CFO James Amlicke considers the company to be a small, boutique builder capable of working on large-ticket projects. “We’re a company doing three to five projects a year with a total value of $50 million to $100 million annually,” he says. “Our senior management knows every person in the company.”

Although many of SBI’s counterparts in the California multifamily construction market have a much larger capacity and higher project load, the company is more than competitive when it comes to quality and knowledge. “The level of sophistication and technology that we utilize for a company of our size is what truly differentiates us from competitors,” Amlicke adds. “We’re leveraging technology that only the largest construction companies are using.”

Many of the residents of the Gran Bay Apartments in Jacksonville, Fla., won’t need to worry about navigating bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic in their cars during their morning and afternoon commutes. 

The 308-unit complex’s location within the Flagler Center office and business park in South Jacksonville – home to major employers including Citicorp – will make it easy for people to just hop on a bicycle and take a short ride to work, even if they don’t own a bike of their own.

About two years ago, construction started picking up in Miami, and now a number of projects are being constructed or nearing completion on South Beach. “We’re in the middle of building three hotels currently on the beach,” announces Brad Meltzer, principal and president of Plaza Construction’s southeastern region. 

Plaza Construction is building One Hotel and Homes, a combination hotel and residence structure across the street from the Aloft South Beach, and The AC Hotel at 29th and Collins, also in Miami Beach. “Those are just the hotels we’re building,” Meltzer points out. “We’re building other projects as well, not just hotels.”

For 35 years, Pacific Energy and Town and Country Fireplace’s mission has been to design and develop cleaner, more efficient and more beautiful fireplace heating solutions. It all started with one man, President Paul Erickson, in his basement. “We have had several magnitudes of growth since then,” Erickson says. 

Starting with wood-burning stoves, the company also entered the gas fireplace business in the 1990s followed by a push into the residential pellet stove business in 2005. Pellet stoves typically burn pellets of wood or other organic materials.

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