JLS DesignUnderstanding its market has helped JLS Design Construction to become a highly reputable design/build firm in Maryland’s custom homebuilding sector.

By Eric Slack

JLS Design Construction started business in Pennsylvania in 2001 with the intention of offering design/build services at prices that everyone could afford. Founded by President Jason Smucker, the company’s goal was to create beautiful homes in all price brackets, not just offering design/build to the upper portion of home prices.

MacFarlane Partners Venn on Market 2 San Francisco

MacFarlane Partners revitalizes urban markets to deliver success to its investors.

By Stephanie Crets

MacFarlane Partners not only provides real estate investment management services to institutional investors, it is also one of the first companies to bring its investors into the urban, economically challenged marketplace. Since 1987, the company has focused on urban redevelopment, revitalization and sustainability in cities around the Unites States, such as San Francisco, Seattle, New York City, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Boston and Chicago. MacFarlane Partners’ goal is to achieve investment success while making a difference in these urban communities.

“We started with urban redevelopment, and it’s what we’ve stuck with,” says Dirk Hallemeier, managing director and president of development at MacFarlane Partners. “We thrive in places and projects with more challenging development environments, whether it be the regulatory approval process, political, planning and design challenges or existing site challenges.”

Old Town ConstructionOld Town Construction is reinvigorating the Belcrest Plaza community in Hyattsville, Md.

By Alan Dorich

After nearly 20 years, Old Town Construction has perfected its approach to its customers’ projects, owner Jared Spahn says. “[We’re] understanding to our clients’ needs and always attentive to their project budgets and timing,” he says.

Hartz ConstructionListening and responding to its clients' requests help Hartz Construction continue to fill a market niche.

By Jim Harris

Prospective buyers of a Hartz home don't have to worry if the model they're interested in isn't presently available in a neighborhood they wish to move to. “We can build almost any of our home models in any of our subdivisions,” Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Hagen says. “People can visit model homes in one subdivision, then drive around our other subdivisions knowing they can put the home they want in the neighborhood they want.”

The company’s flexibility extends to the floor plans of the homes themselves. Hartz Construction considers itself a semi-custom builder as well as a residential developer. “We sit down with our clients and they can make changes to our floor plans based on their personal preference,” he adds. “We are not a one-size-fits-all builder – we know that people have different ideas of how they want to utilize the space in their home, and that's one reason they look to new construction.”

Pensam CapitalPensam Capital rides high in the multifamily sector thanks to a strong internal culture and market savvy.

By Chris Petersen

There’s no doubt that the last several years have been good ones for the multifamily residential sector. The residual effects of the mortgage crisis have made rental properties much more attractive to people looking for new homes, and developers across the country have responded with multifamily properties that combine the convenience of apartment living with first-class amenities that rival the fanciest resorts.

Spring House BuildersSpring House Builders’ founder Steven Stowarz leverages his years of experience to build a variety of projects and keep his clients satisfied by helping them turn houses into homes.

By Janice Hoppe

Building homes is in Steven Stowarz’s blood. As a child, he would build tree houses in his backyard with nails, a hammer and two-by-fours or other lumber scraps he was able to find. “My father was afraid to go to work because there would be another tree house in the yard when he got home,” Stowarz remembers. “I built triple-decker tree houses and little roads in the back of my house.”

El Dorado HoldingsEl Dorado Benson LLC is developing the age-targeted Villages at Vigneto in Benson, Ariz., for adults who want to maintain an active and social lifestyle.

By Russ Gager

People pay financial planners to provide them with the resources they will need after they stop working full-time. But what will they be doing with this spare time and where will they be doing it? The answer to that question is the world class Villages at Vigneto – a Tuscan-themed, age-targeted community being developed in Benson, Ariz., by El Dorado Benson LLC.

“If you can imagine it, think of the community more like a cruise ship,” Development Partner Mike Reinbold says. “We are not simply building new homes. We are providing the residents with a lifestyle, one that encourages you to get out and be social.” The Villages at Vigneto will have recreation centers, golf courses and other amenities one would expect for a development of this size. But Vigneto goes further, and will give residents the opportunity to participate in any one of the numerous activity or interest clubs it will offer. El Dorado is patterning Vigneto after The Villages in Ocala, Fla., a community that has approximately 2,100 clubs for an almost endless number of interests. “You can literally pick a topic, and there will be a club for you to join,” Reinbold says.

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