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For general contractor Toddglen Inc., the construction of high-rise condominiums is an area of specialization. This expertise makes the company ideal to build The Palm Residences, a new condominium project in Toronto.

Project Manager Ghassan Wehbe says the building, which carries a cost of more than $30 million, will stand 23 stories and house 250 suites. Additionally, the Palm Residences will feature a swimming pool area, an exercise room, a party room and three floors of underground parking.

The Palm Residences, which is aiming for occupancy this fall, has a distinctive shape for its type. Unlike others locally in its area that have a square shape, this is more of a round building, according to Wehbe.

In addition, the exterior will feature green-toned glazing and concrete lines, while its entrance will have a canopy. “That will give it a nice feel,” he says.

Wehbe also believes the building will improve the Palm’s neighborhood, which has its share of aged structures. “This is very much an enhancement to the area,” he explains. “This will give the [neighborhood] a fresh look.”

Organized and On Time

The Palm Residences marks Toddglen’s first project for Castle Group Developments. Along with its expertise in high-rises, Toddglen’s strong staff makes it right for this job, Wehbe says.

“We have a really good team,” he asserts. “We make sure we hire the best trades. Everybody works well with teach other.”

Additionally, Toddglen has kept the site organized and on schedule. “So far, everyone has been cooperative,” Wehbe says. “We haven’t run into any major problems, or quality problems with the trades. That, to me, [leads to] success.”

This has remained true even as Toddglen encountered challenges with the project’s tight location. “It is surrounded by three properties and a major artery, which is Yonge Street,” he explains.

This lack of space only allows the construction crews to access one side of the property, which caused difficulties until Toddglen poured the concrete for the ground floor level. “We were able to have a larger staging area for materials and for crane operations,” he says.

Wehbe adds that this experience will prove useful on other projects with minimal laydown area. “We learned how to do deal with situations like this building and really small, tight quarters,” he says. “It’s a lot more challenging than working in a big field where you have the luxury of spreading your equipment around.”

Toddglen also has maintained a strong safety record as it has built the Palm Residences, Wehbe adds. This has been maintained by having a safety representative who is constantly on-site, and “continuously vigilant and ensuring all the areas of the building are safe,” he says.

The representative also meets regularly with subcontractors to ensure that they are honoring all of the safety rules. Additionally, “We demand that every subtrade has their own safety policy,” he says. “[Our] due diligence ensures our project is safe.”

Continuity in Construction

Based in Toronto, Toddglen says it is one of Canada’s leading builders in residential construction, with a portfolio that includes more than 30,000 suites and 5,000 townhouses in Canada. “With the continued, unprecedented growth in the residential construction sector, Toddglen has recognized these economic trends and solidified our strength and influence in this rising market,” it says.

According to the company, it is committed to its clients’ satisfaction and the values of partnering and value engineering to ensure it delivers competitive, cost-efficient and effective designs. “The Toddglen group of companies looks forward to the future with certainty for the success of their clients,” it states.

Wehbe, who has six years with the company, says he has enjoyed his time at Toddglen. “They’re a good company to work for with the environment [they] have,” he says. “They look after the employees very well. It’s basically a very healthy environment.”

Wehbe predicts that Toddglen will work for the Castle Group again. “They’re a good client,” he says. “We definitely would love to have them for another project.”

He also predicts continued success for Toddglen. “[President John Todd] has intentions of going further with the company and expanding,” he says. “I can see it being very aggressive in pursuing good clients to have continuity in construction. He’s been successful so far.”

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