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Maplewood TG Nickel picMaplewood’s Inspīr project will provide seniors with unique, comfortable spaces.
By Alan Dorich

After more than a decade, Maplewood Senior Living has built a team of associates who are passionate about giving senior citizens a unique, comfortable lifestyle. “Having those people around is really the main key to our success,” President and CEO Gregory D. Smith declares.

The Westport, Conn.-based company is bringing that passion to Inspīr | Manhattan, a project it is developing in New York City with Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc. Located in the city’s Upper East Side, the 212,000-square-foot, mid-rise building will stand 23 stories and feature 215 units for assisted living, enhanced care and memory care.

Inspīr will be one of the first ground-up projects of its scale in the city in more than 20 years. “We really said, ‘Let’s put the experience of the resident at the front line of how we develop and design this particular brand,’” Smith recalls. “Putting their needs and wants first are what we should be doing.”

A Unique Residence

General contractor T.G. Nickel & Associates started work on Inspīr this past June and will complete it in the third quarter of 2019. ““Most of the residents will spend a substantial amount of time in the building,” Nickel Project Manager Matt Burger says.

With that in mind, Inspīr is designed to create an environment that is conducive to social activity. “Socialization is the backbone of well-being and health,” Smith says, noting that its amenities will include multiple dining venues on its ground floor. “We also have a wellness center with an indoor swimming pool that feels like a Roman bath from back in the day.”

Its second floor will feature natural light and air, green spaces and an art center. “When our residents are engaged in some sort of art, there’s natural air and light that are filtered through that outdoor space,” Smith says, noting that it also has a library with lounge seating. Maplewood TG Nickel box

Insp?r’s 16th floor also will have a 3,500-square-foot outdoor terrace along the building’s west and southeast sides. This will offer tenants views of Second Avenue and the East River, Smith says.

“We created these really luxurious, landscaped outdoor terraces that create this sense of not only being in the city but being someplace else,” he describes, adding that the floor also will have a bistro and bar area, a library, and multiple lounge and living room areas flanked by landscaping and mature trees.

The other floors also feature landscaped spaces with different types of greenery, Burger says. “People sitting in there really feel like they’re connected to the outside,” he says.

So far, the hard work has paid off for Maplewood and T.G. Nickel. “The reaction we’re getting from colleagues, other developers and seniors themselves is this is a truly unique residence in the heart of the city,” Smith says.

Project Partners

Maplewood is pleased with the work of T.G. Nickel. “We sought out the best group that does residential towers in New York City,” Maplewood Executive Vice President of Acquisition and Development Tom Gaston recalls.

“They have a fantastic track record,” he says, noting that T.G. Nickel often works on projects like Insp?r. “We’re very proud to have them on board as our partners.”

Smith also praises the work of Handel Architects LLP, which normally designs hospitality and residential projects. Maplewood, he explains, wanted a firm that did not focus on senior housing and would think outside the box. “That marriage between us as design influencers and executors of the dream and their input has been very helpful in creating something that is truly unique,” he says.

Right on Track

T.G. Nickel is keeping on schedule as it builds Insp?r, despite a tight worksite that has placed it close to an existing building. “The tenants are extremely close to the project, [so we’re] coordinating with them and keeping them apprised,” Burger says.

Additionally, “We’re right on top of the Second Avenue subway line,” he says, explaining that the builder is installing piles within several feet of the subway tunnel. “So coordinating with the MTA is a major effort.”

The project development also has been daunting for Maplewood. “New York is not for the faint of heart,” Gaston admits. “We knew that completing our project from beginning to end [would take] a strong three years.

“You have to be organized and you have to have a clear vision,” he continues, noting that this also requires a strong team. “The experiences we’ve learned have been incredible and we’ve done a great job to date with it.”

Down the Road

The Manhattan project falls within the company’s newest brand Insp?r. This international brand was launched to offer a luxurious option for seniors looking to join a residential community in major metropolitan areas. Smith sees more success ahead for Maplewood as it develops projects like Insp?r.

“We know that the market is going to be strong for a long time,” he says, noting that the firm prefers to focus on quality over quantity. “It’s really about being disciplined in your approach, and we’ve got a phenomenal team.”

T.G. Nickel wants to keep working with Maplewood, Burger adds. “They’re actively perusing additional properties in New York City, the Long Island area and New Jersey,” he says. “[We hope] this project is successful and to continue working with Maplewood in the future.”

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