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Alliance Residential picAlliance Residential Company works as one team with its subcontractors and employees to deliver quality projects to customers.
By Bianca Herron

As one of the largest private U.S. multifamily companies, Alliance Residential Company manages a $15 billion portfolio and has invested in more than $10 billion worth of real estate. The Phoenix-based company has more than 30 regional offices nationwide - including Houston and San Antonio - and emphasizes customer service and a performance-driven perspective as its strengths.

However, building top-quality projects is what distinguishes the company from its competition, Senior Project Manager Sherri Swope notes. “We have a very family oriented culture, which makes us that much better,” Swope explains. “That’s what I really enjoy about Alliance.”

Swope is based in the company’s Houston office, which covers the San Antonio market and also houses Alliance’s design and development teams. Swope has longstanding relationships with many of the core employees in the office, which not only helps with quality control, but also streamlines processes and keeps Alliance efficient.

“It works perfectly because if we have any questions or issues, we’re able to communicate with our development and design team quickly to get the answers we need, when we need them,” she explains. “They will also meet with us and come to the site if needed, which is very handy.” Alliance Residential box

Just like with her peers, Swope has longstanding relationships with many of Alliance’s subcontractors, some of whom she has worked with for 20 years.

“We feel very strongly about relationships, which is part of the reason why our projects turn out so well,” she says proudly. “Everyone knows what we expect, so we always end up with a consistent product. Maintaining these relationships requires that we be honest and fair with them, and vice versa.”

Additionally, Swope notes that maintaining communication among her peers is also critical for safety. “We have weekly safety meetings with our subcontractors,” she says. “We also have a safety inspector who conducts monthly site visits for all of our projects, including our latest Broadstone at the Medical Center. He also issues a report so if there are any deficiencies, they can be corrected right away. It’s proven very beneficial as we keep accidents to a minimum.”

Latest Project

Alliance’s latest project is Broadstone at the Medical Center, a four-story 276-unit residential development located on the site of the former Oak Hills Medical Center Hotel in San Antonio.

Although demolition of the existing hotel and restaurant was slated for December 2015, Alliance didn’t start until January the following year due to the weather. Even then, demolition of the site was challenging, Swope notes, as Alliance had prepared in advance to clear the asbestos in the building, which took four months.

However, Alliance did not anticipate having to delay its schedule by nearly three-and-a-half months due to issues with the local power company. “They were behind on many of their projects, which delayed us,” Swope says. “We had underground utilities, as well as overhead poles we needed resolved with the power company in order to move forward. Despite that, we are anticipating completion of the project in July 2018.”

In addition to its residential complex, Alliance is building a five-story parking garage. Broadstone at Medical Center will feature a dog park and clubhouse with a game room and business center, fitness room and pool. It will also have a secondary courtyard with a barbecue area, water feature and fire pit.

The goal is to provide something for all residents, especially potential residents who work near the project, because Broadstone is within walking distance to many hospitals in the area. “We are aiming our target toward medical center workers, as we are located directly across the street from one medical center specifically,” Swope says. “So it’s all about catering to those individuals who want to live closer to where they work, as convenience is always key.”

Alliance is using a number of different finishes both on the exterior and inside of Broadstone, which makes the project unique, Swope notes. “We have stucco in many locations of the site, brick in our patios and feature stone,” she says. “On the interior, we are implementing granite and quartz in the units, and upgraded plank in the unit living and dining areas.”

Swope adds that she is “very excited” about the project because Broadstone will stand out among other buildings in the area. “The mix of these finishes are going to give this project a fresh look that’s different from everything else in the community,” she says. “Overall, it will have a pretty modern look, which will make it stand out.”

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