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Frampton ConstructionFrampton Construction is delivering two new senior living developments in South Carolina and prepares for a third.

By Chris Petersen

Known for their luxurious accommodations and resort-style amenities, The Blake communities have become one of the premier senior living concepts in the Southeast. With its communities already successful in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, Blake Management Group saw the potential for expanding the concept into South Carolina. To bring two new Blake communities to life in this new market, the developer, wanted to connect with a South Carolina-based contractor that knew the ropes in terms of building multiunit developments, and that’s where Frampton Construction entered the picture.  Frampton box

Ladson, S.C.-based Frampton Construction is hard at work on two new developments: The Blake at Carnes Crossroads in Summerville, S.C.; and The Blake at Woodcreek Farms in Elgin, S.C. In both cases, Frampton Construction is leveraging its strong internal culture and experience in multiunit construction to deliver projects that will extend and enhance The Blake concept. Frampton Construction Executive Vice President Tom Black says the success of both projects thus far speaks to the strong connections between the contractor and developer, and the mutual respect shared among project team members.

According to Black, Frampton Construction came to be involved in the two Blake projects because of an existing relationship he had with several of the principals at Cardinal Ventures, the parent company of Blake Management Group. Already aware of Frampton Construction’s reputation for high-quality work in South Carolina, Cardinal Ventures contacted Black as it made plans to extend The Blake concept into the state. With two projects already underway in South Carolina, Frampton Construction will break ground on a third Blake development in the state before year’s end, Black says, something he attributes to the trust between contractor and developer.

“First and foremost, the principals in both firms have a bond and trust that make timely and economical delivery of The Blake product to market a shared goal.” Black says. “The Frampton team’s attention to detail and its management systems employed on our projects give us confidence that we can track real time progress, schedules, and budgets so that there are no surprises” according to Edgar McKee, principal at Cardinal Ventures.

Hands-On Mindset

Frampton Construction has earned that trust by way of its portfolio, which contains many multiunit commercial construction projects. Black says this experience has been crucial for keeping the Blake projects on track and for avoiding delays. “The Frampton team has a fair amount of experience in multiunit construction, and the Blake projects are typically 100 residential units within one building,” he says. “Thus, delivering that kind of construction is unique. Multiunit construction requires project flow and stringent quality control systems to ensure that mistakes are not made 100 times.”

Black adds that Frampton Construction has been able to maintain a high level of quality on both Blake projects thanks in no small part to the company’s internal culture. Although the company has grown quite a bit in recent years, Black says Frampton Construction has maintained a small-company mindset that values hands-on involvement from the company’s managing members.

By working so closely with its clients on their projects, Frampton Construction is able to keep its projects on track while ensuring the highest level of quality possible. Black says the company’s principals today are dedicated to upholding the values and work ethic that were instilled in the business by founder Charles Frampton and elevating the organization into a premier regional contractor.

Best in Care

Both Blake projects will feature 100 residential units when completed, and will provide an unrivaled standard of living of any senior living community in South Carolina, according to Black. That includes the southern-charm curb appeal, combined with spacious accommodations and restaurant-style dining options. According to Blake Management Group, providing the best in senior care is first and foremost among its priorities.

 “We define senior housing excellence by developing upscale communities in combination with the best-trained team,” says Harrison Young, principal of Cardinal Ventures. “In every market we serve, it is our distinct objective to be the very best at both, setting a new tradition in care. As a resident- and employee-first company, it’s our mission to enhance the dignity and quality of life for our residents. [Our] central identity is to provide residents with a luxurious, home-like community with resort-style services and unmatched access to programs that promote well-being, security, longevity, family and self-worth. We want to be the first choice for families in every market we serve by bringing high-end hotel experiences to a population where their needs are evolving.”

Black says Frampton Construction is proud to play a significant role in extending The Blake’s reach into South Carolina and new markets. The company is in the home stretch on The Blake at Woodcreek Farms, Elgin, SC, which is expected to be completed by December, and is nearing the vertical phase on The Blake at Carnes Crossroads, Summerville, S.C., which should be completed by May 2017. 

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