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MidstateMidstate Construction Corporation is meeting the challenges of building a large apartment development on a tight schedule.

By Russ Gager

Being client-oriented is a real advantage when building a 148-unit apartment development such as Canyon Ridge. Located in American Canyon, Calif., Canyon Ridge will have seven three-story apartment buildings and one clubhouse. Ground was broken by general contractor Midstate Construction Corporation in September 2015, and the development is due for completion by January 2017.

“We’re very client-oriented,” Project Manager Rick Oberdorfer says. “We do a lot of different types of work: retail, hospitality, market-rate housing and affordable housing. Our main focus is on the client and making sure we meet the client’s needs. We’re not really working on just this project – we’re working on a relationship with a client, so that when the next one comes along, everybody knows what they can expect, and hopefully we’re successful at staying partners with them throughout the long term.”

Canyon Ridge includes a 4,800 -square-foot clubhouse with an outdoor swimming pool, a firepit and a barbecue area. Indoors will be an exercise room, a kitchen and an area for a pool table or other recreational devices. “The developers are spending some time and money on the clubhouse, so it’s going to be a nice meeting area,” Oberdorfer promises.

The development is being built on 5.99 acres with 24.7 units per acre. It will include 131,456 square feet of livable space over 187,550 square feet for the total project. Garages will be available for rental. There will be 74 one-bedroom units and another 74 units with two bedrooms. Retail is located nearby. Midstate box

Being built in a formerly empty field, Canyon Ridge’s foundation is concrete slab on grade with footings. No piers or piles were required, and the buildings have no levels below grade.

Midstate Construction won a competitive bid to build Canyon Ridge. In addition to managing and coordinating the subcontractors, Midstate is self-performing quality control, cleanup and punch list work. Approximately 50 subcontractors will work on the project designed by Donald J. Burke Architecture. Obtaining the subcontractors is competitive because of the amount of construction projects currently being built in California.

The exterior is fiber cement siding, stucco and river rock stonework around the lower portions of the building. All the front doors to the units are accessed from an outdoor landing with steps. Each unit on the ground floor has a patio or deck and those on the upper floors have balconies. The roof is concrete shakes.

Reclaimed Water

Canyon Ridge will connect to American Canyon’s reclaimed water facilities and use the water for irrigation of the community’s landscaping as well as in the toilets for all units. It might be one of the first projects to use reclaimed water inside a building, Oberdorfer thinks.

The use of reclaimed water by Canyon Ridge and others in the area will make the fresh water that was formerly used available to the new developments for drinking and bathing. This is supposed to result in no net gain in fresh water usage and comply with American Canyon’s zero water footprint policy. The reclaimed water travels in special pipes that are a different color to distinguish them from the fresh water pipes.

Canyon Ridge follows California’s green building policy. Hot water is used to warm the forced air heating system.

A challenge of the project has been its size and schedule. “We have a turnover of the clubhouse so the developer can start leasing at the end of June,” Oberdorfer reports. “We have the first apartment building turnover in the first couple weeks in August and the pool at just about the same time, so we’ll be phasing in the completion. That’s always a challenge. Everybody is always anxious to get as much revenue as they can, so the developer can start charging rent and the city gets their tax revenue.”

Team Spirit

Oberdorfer attributes the success of the project to its entire team. “We’ve had a lot of cooperation from the city, and the architect has been very cooperative, and, of course, the developer, The Reliant Group, has been good to work with,” he says. “The developer obviously has an incentive to get done and not create roadblocks. Frances Ouellette, the owner’s representative, has been very good to work with, keeps things moving and gives us what we need. She comes out to the site and has meetings on a weekly basis.”

Midstate Construction works mostly in northern California and the San Francisco Bay area. A few of its projects have been approximately 100 miles south of San Jose, Calif., and in Sacramento, Redding, Eureka and Crescent City, Calif.

The company works hard on its quality control. “We always like to have as many eyes as we can checking things and making sure things are square,” Oberdorfer says. This includes the eyes of an onsite superintendent, the assistant superintendent and the lead carpenter.

Subcontractors are a large part of the team and also help with quality control. “As one trade comes in behind the other, if they find something that is not right or needs to be corrected, they’ll come let us know, and we can make whatever repairs or corrections we need to,” Oberdorfer points out.

Another challenge has been keeping the construction site accessible during a winter that received more rainfall than in the previous four years. “I think we did a pretty good job of mitigating that and keeping the site open, not letting it get too wet to the point where the roads were unusable,” Oberdorfer says. “The fire department had pretty strict requirements. They needed passable roadways in case there was an emergency onsite.”

Gravel was added to the access roads when additional support was needed, and they were treated with lime to repel water. “The fact that we met that challenge without too much difficulty says a lot for our subcontractors working with us,” Oberdorfer concludes.

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