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US Cabinet Depot picExtensive inventory, strong partnerships and distribution growth are all reasons why US Cabinet Depot is growing its presence.

By Eric Slack

Headquartered in Atlanta, US Cabinet Depot has established itself thanks to a blend of knowledge and experience in the cabinet industry. The company is committed to providing products that exceed customers’ expectations in quality, price and service. 

“Our company is a success story that started by working with our partners overseas,” says Steven Xu, founder, co-owner and CEO. “The company was set up in 2012, and we’ve been doubling sales every year since.”

Standing Out

US Cabinet Depot strives to be different from traditional cabinet companies. Today, it has about 50 employees in its Atlanta facility, and it recently set up another facility in Reno to enhance the company’s ability to serve the entire country. In the years ahead, the company has plans to add additional facilities in the Northeast and the South.

What defines US Cabinet Depot is its product selection. The company starts by offering a wide selection of high-quality products with numerous design choices. US Cabinet Depot

“We also keep quality consistent,” Xu says. “That is very important for kitchen cabinets. For distribution, we have focused on having a deep inventory since the beginning. We have brought in a strong WMS to manage inventory, allowing us to keep on top of orders and lead times, and we have a 24- to 48-hour shipping option.”

Beyond having a strong inventory of quality products at fair market prices, US Cabinet Depot has developed an ordering system that it believes is the best in the industry. It is easy to use and allows for strong communication with customers.

“Our staff provides exceptional customer service, too,” General Manager Brandon Drum says. “We have a lot of recurring customers. As we are not in retail, we must build ties with customers and sell to them repeatedly. Internal efficiency balanced with understanding the needs of the market helps us to gain and retain customers.”

For the most part, US Cabinet Depot sells to kitchen and bath dealers, as well as new construction builders. Many of its customers are focused on the remodeling sector, but the company says new construction is becoming a bigger part of its business. Although it does have some internal salespeople, much of its business comes by word of mouth. The company has also built an established group of independent reps, while putting some resources into direct mail and industry publications to help with exposure.

“The cabinet business is different, as it can be hard for dealers to find stable suppliers with strong inventory, good sales and marketing teams, and good service,” Xu says. “As long as we do a good job and put all of those things together, we can increase sales and build our ties with the dealers and reps. Many of our reps have exclusivity in their areas, and we are looking for more to cover other territories.” 

“Building relationships and getting to know people is important,” Drum adds. “That has allowed us to work with several different independent reps that cover different parts of the country. They help us to build the number of dealers we have. We currently have a large number of dealers nationwide and are adding more every day.”

For manufacturing, US Cabinet Depot works with high-quality manufacturers in China as well as well-known suppliers in the United States. The company has built robust quality control processes to oversee orders.

“We have a good quality control team with a lot of experience, and that is important to make sure production will be up to a high standard,” Xu says. “We listen to customer feedback and recommendations about styles and trends, and we do market research to make sure we bring in the right lines and have good offerings.”

US Cabinet Depot also attends the annual Kitchen & Bath Industry Show to get insight into hot trends and manufacturers’ directions. The company aims to understand the demands of the end consumers to stay on top of the major trends.

“As an inventory-based company, we have to make sure we focus on higher moving products and not momentary niches,” Drum says. “We don’t want to get stuck with inventory no one wants.”

Continuing Growth

Looking ahead, US Cabinet Depot plans to keep technology as one of its highest priorities. The company set up its own IT operation to handle its technology needs, and it is always working on improving its online experience and trying to make it more convenient.

“We have a very young team of people who understand new technology and how to use it creatively,” Xu says.

The company is also looking to expand and bring on more warehouses. With Atlanta and Reno both operating well, adding more warehouses will improve its network for distribution nationwide.

“No one in the U.S. has a distribution network that covers all areas,” Xu says. “Doing that first will help us to cover customers everywhere and service big companies that need national distribution. The Reno facility came on line in February, and we saw the importance of finding good people to getting that off the ground.”

US Cabinet Depot is also working on bringing in new cabinet lines with contemporary and traditional frames. It says it will be the first company to offer both options and have deep inventory in each area. As every container comes in, ensuring quality and consistency will be important. The company’s sales and marketing teams must continue to excel at servicing customers, and the company knows it must continue to add good reps and new people to its inside sales team.

“All of this together will allow us to achieve our goals,” Xu says. “This company is an example of how foreign cooperation with the U.S. can succeed and create a successful company. This is meaningful as it provides opportunities for global economic growth and provides an example for how foreign cooperation can aid in building prosperous companies locally.”

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