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It takes a special kind of contractor to move into the crowded south Florida market, and Facchina Construction of Florida is one such builder. The company, a division of Washington, D.C.-based Facchina Construction, has leveraged its respected name and portfolio of quality work into a strong position as one of the area’s most successful contractors in a number of market segments. And, as Vice President of Operations Joseph Graziosi explains, there still are multiple opportunities for the company to gain even more ground on the competition. 

The parent company has been serving the Washington, D.C., area since 1987. Initially focused on heavy construction such as highways and other major civil projects, Facchina Construction eventually branched out to include commercial and residential projects in its portfolio, as well. The company acquired an established Miami-area contractor, AMEC Construction Management Inc., in 2007 to gain a foothold in the south Florida market, renaming it Facchina Construction of Florida and operating it as an independent division. 

Graziosi says the company’s body of work in the Miami area is varied, and includes aviation, higher education, healthcare, hospitality, sports and entertainment facility projects. Recently, though, the high-rise residential market has become a much larger portion of the company’s work. “That’s the strongest part of the market down here right now,” Graziosi says. 

Key Attributes

Despite the substantial competition Facchina Construction of Florida encounters on a regular basis, the company nevertheless has made a name for itself as a popular contractor with a solid base of regular clients. Graziosi says there are many reasons for the company’s success, and foremost among them is its president, Jesus Vazquez. Graziosi says Vazquez is very well-respected in the south Florida market, and credits his leadership as one of the biggest reasons for the company’s success over the last several years. “The clients look at Facchina and they look at Jesus and the high-performance, high-caliber company with the resources he has developed here,” Graziosi says. 

Beyond the company’s leadership, Graziosi says the diversity of Facchina Construction of Florida’s portfolio is another strength that gives it an advantage over many of its competitors. He says that the company’s ability to perform at a high level in multiple market segments is a major strength for Facchina Construction of Florida, and the company continues to look for ways to add greater diversity to its portfolio. 

As the company’s backlog of work has started to fill up in recent months, especially with residential projects, Facchina Construction of Florida has tried to become more selective with the projects it pursues. “The good news is that we get approached by some very good developers down here in Florida,” Graziosi says. 

Thinking Differently

One of the challenges that has emerged in the wake of the recession is that the burst of the housing bubble left many contractors and subcontractors in the south Florida market struggling to get the bonding they need to work. Graziosi says this has made it difficult at times for Facchina Construction of Florida to stay on top of all the work it wants to do. 

Because of this, Graziosi adds, the company has had to become creative in how it solves risk management and bonding issues. One of the primary strategies Facchina Construction of Florida has adopted to stay ahead of this is the use of subcontractor default insurance. As Graziosi explains, this method of bonding is a policy that covers multiple projects at the same time. This way, the company does not have to wait for a contractor or subcontractor to default before putting in a claim to help it finish the job. “It’s keeping costs down, and it’s allowing us to manage the contractors who are challenged in one way or another in a different manner,” Graziosi says, adding that other contractors in the Miami market are starting to look at this method.

Bright Future

The company’s current slate of work indicates a healthy market in south Florida and a bright future for Facchina Construction of Florida. In addition to expanding its reach into more student housing and P3 projects, Facchina Construction of Florida expects ongoing redevelopment at Miami International Airport to play a big part in the company’s future. “I see that we’re probably going to get involved in a lot of aviation work,” Graziosi says. 

He also points to the company’s work on the Grove at Grand Bay project in Miami as an example of what the company is capable of accomplishing. The two-tower, 21-story condo development spans a combined 900,000 square feet and is expected to achieve LEED Gold certification when it is completed in May 2015. “This one will be our crowning achievement once it gets completed,” Graziosi says.

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