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The principals of D&S Development have been bringing their unique vision of community development to the greater Sacramento, Calif., area since 1986. A big part of that approach has been to locate the most unique properties in the city and bring out their inherent cool factor, according to Partner Steve Lebastchi. Once in a great while, however, a project comes into view that stands head and shoulders above the rest. That’s why Lebastchi and some of his partners from D&S Development started Sac Urban Development, LLC to focus on developing the 16 Powerhouse project in Sacramento.

Lebastchi says the property has been on the company’s radar for the past eight years because of its location and potential for success as a mixed-use development. “This project is located in one of the prime spots of midtown Sacramento. It’s directly across from Fremont Park and within a few blocks of the State Capitol,” he explains.

The land was the property of the Capital Area Development Authority (CADA), a state housing authority. Lebastchi says there were numerous attempts to develop the property, but financing was the primary obstacle. Once 16 Powerhouse Investors was formed, the firm was able to step in and provide a plan for developing the site as a mixed-use building combining residential and retail space.

Today, most of the major stumbling blocks in front of the project have been cleared, and Lebastchi says the firm expects construction to begin in the next few months. When it is completed, he says, 16 Powerhouse will be a welcome addition to midtown Sacramento and another example of the prowess the principals of D&S Development bring to their work.

New and Unique

By its very nature, 16 Powerhouse will be a unique addition to the landscape of midtown Sacramento. Lebastchi explains that the six-story building will use a wood-frame construction, which is unusual for the region. The ground floor will feature approximately 8,000 square feet of retail space, which Lebastchi says already has three restaurants signed up to lease. General contractor TriCorp Hearn Construction is leading the project team, which includes architect LPAS and mechanical contractor Stanton Engineering.

Above the retail space will be 50 units of high-end condominium space. An outdoor courtyard will allow residents to congregate, and will make life easier through features such as bicycle storage and a dog-washing area. Lebastchi says the condo units will feature luxury amenities that will help 16 Powerhouse set itself apart from other residential properties in Sacramento, but the finishes and appliances are far from the only things that will make 16 Powerhouse a property to watch.

Platinum Project

“The coolest thing about this project is the green features,” Lebastchi says, adding that the building has been designed with LEED Platinum certification in mind. One of the key features that will make the property more energy-efficient than most other buildings in the city and help it achieve the goal of LEED Platinum certification is a unique photovoltaic solar panel system. According to Lebastchi, the system already is being used in Europe, and provides efficiency through its ability to heat water for the building and collect solar energy through the same unit. Lebastchi says this will be a perfect fit on the 16 Powerhouse project, which will have relatively little roof space for separate systems.

Along with the combination solar power/water heating system, Lebastchi says the project features other energy-efficient systems. These include an airflow passive system and high R Value insulation that should keep the building cool when it needs to be and warm when it needs to be. Each condo unit also will feature an energy monitoring system that tells residents exactly how much energy their unit is using on specific appliances and categories. Residents also will be able to reduce their energy usage through a smartphone app.

Exciting Prospects

Lebastchi says the process of getting 16 Powerhouse to the construction stage has been relatively smooth so far, and the firm expects to have the property substantially completed within 14 months. Although units have not been put out for lease or sale as of yet, Lebastchi says he expects the reaction from buyers to be largely positive.

As principals at D&S Development, Lebastchi and his Powerhouse partners David and Bay Miry as well as his own daughter, Sara Lebastchi, have been involved in numerous successful adaptive reuse and new construction projects in Sacramento, including many that have been recognized as “Project of the Year” by Sacramento Business Journal.

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