LacyLacy strives to provide the most project opportunities for its customers that it can.

By Alan Dorich

After 70 years, Lacy Construction Co. continues to thrive thanks to its people, President Jerry Huismann says. “If we didn’t have the people we have with us now, we wouldn’t have [our success],” he declares.

Turner BerkeleyTurner Construction Company’s experience on large, complex projects will serve it well as it works on the Berkeley Way project with UC Berkeley.

By Eric Slack

Founded in 1902, Turner Construction Company provides building services to clients worldwide. Known for its diligence, resourcefulness and creativity as a partner, Turner has earned recognition for undertaking large, complex projects, fostering innovation, embracing emerging technologies and making a difference for its clients, employees, and communities.

Turner DenverWorking on the VA Denver Replacement Medical Center Facility allows Turner Construction Company to help improve healthcare for veterans.

By Eric Slack

One of the largest construction management companies in the United States, Turner Construction Company is a leading provider of construction management, general contracting, consulting, construction procurement, insurance and risk management services. With 46 offices in the United States and a presence in 20 countries around the world, Turner works on more than 1,000 projects annually.


Cornerstone General Contractors is building a collaborative learning environment for high school students using the latest educational and construction technology.

By Russ Gager

How the computer technology developed by companies in the Seattle area is being utilized by the construction industry is being demonstrated to high school students raised in the shadow of those technology giants.

Fusco Eli Whitney Lab

Fusco's experience is carrying the day on its latest project for Eli Whitney Technical High School in Connecticut.

By Chris Petersen

Eli Whitney Technical High School is one of the oldest vocational schools in Connecticut, having been built in 1955. That means generations of young men and women have passed through the school’s halls as they earned the skills and knowledge they needed to build their careers. It also means that the campus was in need of a comprehensive renovation to ensure that it will continue to provide the young people of the future with the same education. A project of that importance requires a contractor with an impressive base of knowledge and skills of its own.

Fortunately for the school, Fusco is on the job.  The 93 year old New Haven, Conn.-based builder and property manager has a lot of experience building public and private projects throughout the state, and Senior Project Manager Gene Festa said the company’s experience has played a large and important part in helping keep the work at Eli Whitney Technical High School on track.

TeinertTeinert Commercial has earned a strong reputation among clients such as Texas Tech University.

By Alan Dorich

Teinert Commercial Building Services values personality as much as experience in its employees, owner and President Chad Henthorn says. “When we’re looking for new personnel, we pay as much attention to that person’s personality as their history of projects,” he says.

Troyer Group pic

The Ark Encounter project will wow and teach visitors about Noah’s Ark.

By Alan Dorich

It’s rare when a construction project has the goal of sending people back in time by thousands of years. But that’s what the Ark Encounter project in Williamstown, Ky., plans to do with presentations of numerous events from the Bible, including a full-size replica of Noah’s Ark.

When finished, the Ark will be the largest timber frame structure in the world, declares Mike Zovath, the project manager and co-founder of Answers in Genesis. The apologetics ministry is serving as the general contractor on the multiphase project alongside The Troyer Group, the construction manager.


Two schools and an emergency operations center near the Gulf of Mexico are being built concurrently by SETEX Construction Corp. to withstand hurricanes.

By Russ Gager

Management experts recommend having a succession plan for a business, but the absence of a successor for SETEX Construction Corp. turned it into an opportunity for Nathan Rivers and business partner Bruce Reyes.

“The previous owner had gotten to the point in time where he was ready to retire and was getting ready to close the business,” recalls Rivers, now SETEX’s president, who was working at another construction company at that time. “He had a great reputation and built a great company name. It was a company for which I would like to have my name associated. So we got together, started negotiating and ended up having a transition in 2014.”

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