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After nearly 25 years in the construction industry, Aranda Rodriguez-Ginorio & Associates (ARGA) Con­struction has established a perfect record by never defaulting on a contract or ex­ceeding a project performance period, Part­ner Irving Aranda says. Based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, ARGA specializes in wide range of services, including general construction, construction management, design/build infrastructure conservation and marine construction. 

Aranda and his partner, Eric R. Rodriguez-Ginorio, launched the operation in 1986 as an interior contractor. They got started with only a combined capital of $10,000 and a $25,000 bank credit line.

“With a conservative approach, ARGA has developed into a multi-phased construction firm,” Rodriguez-Ginorio says.

“Our capabilities of performing most of the contracted work with our own forces have rendered exceptional results in construction quality, customer confidence and satisfaction,” he says. “Our performance excellence has been recognized by federal entities, [such] as the Department of Homeland Security-United States Coast Guard, General Service Administration, U.S. Army National and Air National Guard, among others.”

Although ARGA often specializes in fed­eral work, the company does not restrict itself from the private sector, Aranda asserts. “Being experienced in government contracts, we are fully compliant with the Federal Acquisition Regulations and follow with the same document control [on] all projects,” he says.

A Winning Combination

With its combination of skilled, in-house professionals and agreements with architect/engineering firms, ARGA has “the capability of handling design/build projects of considerable complexity and stringent schedules,” Aranda says. “Our design/build capabilities also include marine design [for] waterfront or offshore projects.” 

Rodriguez-Ginorio adds that ARGA’s staff members carry more than 100 years of combined experience in construction and design. “Our associates are also professional engineers and architects with additional certifications, such as LEED, renewable energy design and installation, blasting and others,” he says.

He notes that ARGA’s workforce is comprised of licensed technicians in all trades. In addition, the company provides safety training in such areas as spill prevention, confined spaces, elevated platforms, industrial vehicles and fall pro­tection. “These requirements are establi­shed in our strict safety protocols, which [are] managed by our experienced in-house environmental, safety and hygiene specialist,” he says. 

“Technical training is also promoted and supported by ARGA,” he continues. “Our belief in [promoting] from within [makes this] an integral part of the concept to constantly train the in-house trades on the new technologies. Technology alone does not assure success; it is the capacity to manage it that does.”

Aranda adds that the company also uses subcontractors in multiple trades, including sheet/pile driving, installation of certain products and devices, hazardous material removal and alarm systems. “We count [on] a proven team of subcontractors in these special trades, which through the years have assimilated our method of operation and are fully in compliance with our requirements,” he says.

Flawless Execution

ARGA’s recent projects have included on- and offshore marine construction for the United States Coast Guard-Civil Engineering Unit in Miami. According to the company, it had a contract of more than $2 million for the removal and disposition, replacement, repair and/or rehabilitation of aids-to-navigation and a repeater antenna on four sites in territorial waters of Puerto Rico.

Despite complex logistical planning and challenges, “[ARGA’s] performance was flawless,” the company says, noting that it completed the project on schedule and on budget. “The successful final outcome of this project forged the government confidence in [ARGA’s] professionalism, logistic planning, capability, capacity, quality of construction and marine design, in addition to its responsiveness and orderly fashion of execution and document control.”

Fluctuating Conditions

Looking ahead, Aranda says that ARGA’s future is largely affected by the size of the local regions. Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are territorially limited by size and access limitations, he explains. “These conditions determine the market capacity, and that fluctuates in accordance with the economy as an additional variable,” he states.

“Success will depend on diversification of service and maintaining a business size which can handle fluctuating workload without fluctuating [our] manpower,” he says. “If your business is diversified, the skills of your key personnel should be, also.”

To ensure this, “Constant training is the best investment,” he continues. “Under this philosophy, ARGA has navigated these challenging economic times with growth and profit, in an industry which has been the most battered by the storm.”

In addition, ARGA is considering adding several new construction-related services to its range of specialties.

Rodriguez-Ginorio says these include the installation of renewable energy equipment using state-certified installers and engineers in this new trend, as well as mining for open and concealed type mines; quarry and underwater blasting; Airfield crack and spuds repairs, allowing runways operation during the process and significantly reducing slab replacement costs; and cool roof technology, specifically on tropical environments, to minimize heat load in roofs maintaining lower temperatures inside structures.

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