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For more than 40 years, ISEC Inc. has supplied laboratory furniture and fume hoods. During that time, the company listened and learned from its clients, and now it has an in-depth understanding of what they need. ISEC also has improved its building techniques, delivering uncompromising quality in every aspect of the construction process. The company even developed its own brand of laboratory furniture and fume hoods.

“The ISEC brand is high-end, flexible laboratory furniture,” Regional Manager Mark Rowland explains. “It’s very architecturally pleasing. With all the advances in the medical and educational fields, it can’t just look good – it has to be functional.

“We do custom work at catalog prices,” he adds. “We’re always looking to improve the details of our products, but produce it with the same quality.”

ISEC doesn’t just create laboratories; the company also is a contractor and subcontractor. It can facilitate every phase of interior construction from planning to on-site installation for a wide variety of projects across various sectors, including the airport, commercial, education, government, healthcare, hospitality and sports markets. 

ISEC provides the following products according to the Construction Specification Institute (CSI) Divisions:

  • Division 5 – Ornamental metals
  • Division 6 – Architectural woodwork and plastics
  • Division 8 – Hollow metal, hardware and wood doors
  • Division 10 – Building specialties
  • Division 11 – Equipment
  • Division 12 – Furnishings and modular casework

CSI’s mission is to advance building information management and education of project teams to improve facility performance.

Medically Speaking

The Prentice Women’s Hospital, part of the North­western Memorial Hospital in Chicago, was a two-year, $19 million project that, Rowland says, captured the essence of the company’s capabilities, experience, professionalism and adaptability.

“We installed laboratories, medical equipment and millwork,” he recalls. “But we had our fair share of setbacks.”

The 21-story hospital had several changes made during the construction, which caused delays including the entire building having to be restacked, Rowland explains.

“We had to go through floor by floor and re-estimate the entire job,” Rowland sighs. “All the changes had to be input and incorporated into the system so the progress could be tracked. These changes obviously affected the construction schedule.”

However, in order to stay on track, ISEC had to set several interim milestones, which were discussed and reviewed in weekly meeting by the six project managers the company established for the job.

“Through a lot of hard work, we were able to hit all of the outlined milestones by putting in a few extra hours. Our emp­loyees really worked hard to meet those milestones,” Rowland exp­lains. “During the weekly meetings we would track all of our progress.”

Niche Hitters

“We have the ability to package all the services and supplies into a one-stop shop,” Rowland says of the company’s abilities. “Other companies may only be able to provide certain aspects of interior construction, but we can finish all your carpentry needs and we self-perform all our work. That’s our niche.”

Another attribute he credits ISEC with is excellent customer service. Rowland says the company has the best understanding of each project it performs because it listens to what the customer’s needs and wants are. He adds that the company enjoys a lot of repeat customers because of its service.

“We have the most expertise and knowledge on our staff,” he notes. “We perform high quality work, but if something is wrong, we fix it.”

Rowland adds that this will not change anytime soon. In fact, he sees the process becoming smoother and easier.

“We’re always looking to improve our systems,” he states. “We just launched our lab casework brand a year ago and we’re going to continue to build that up. We’re also going to grow the company in other areas.” 

As it stands now, ISEC has an established force in the western United States with seven offices in California to go along with locations in Seattle and Las Vegas.

These areas in which the company plans to expand in include the New York City and Northeast markets. The company also is establishing a presence in China. “We will follow our customers internationally,” he says. 

It all comes down to training, Rowland says. Adding that ISEC takes training its employees very seriously. The company even developed ISEC University at the company’s national headquarters in Colorado to make sure its employees were trained and prepared the way ISEC needed them to be.

“We do all our training at the university,” Rowland explains. “We provide online courses for our managers. We also perform our safety training there for all of our field and plant staffers.” The safety program consists of training videos, an identification system and exercise regiment. 

“ISEC is very proud of this improvement to our safety record,” he states.

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