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With its precast concrete systems, components and services, High Concrete Group LLC says it helps clients realize their dreams. The company, a division of The High Companies, specializes in such work as precast concrete architectural facades, enclosure systems, parking garages, stadiums and other facilities. Director of Engineering and Project Management Melvin Pullen notes that High Concrete primarily serves national and local general contractors.

“There’s a lot of repeat customers,” he says, adding that the company has completed many projects at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. At the moment, High Concrete is providing precast cladding for C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, Mich., Pullen says. “We’re pretty much finished with the majority of our work,” he reports. “We’re now cleaning the panels prior to sealer being applied.”

The company also is at work on the new basketball arena for the University of Louisville in Kentucky. “We supplied the architectural precast for the building,” he says. “We’re in the process of cleaning and applying sealer there, too.”

Green Focus

High Concrete has not let green initiatives pass it by. “Concrete is as old as the Romans, but it’s also a key solution to modern concerns about energy efficiency, protecting the environment and using our resources wisely,” the company says.

As part of its commitment to supply the greenest possible precast concrete, the company notes that it is a licensed manufacturer and marketer of CarbonCast reinforcement technology for pre­cast panels. “CarbonCast uses C-GRID epoxy coated carbon fiber composite grid in place of steel for secondary reinforcing and shear transfer,” it explains. “The high-strength grid is non-corrosive and therefore, requires less concrete cover. CarbonCast components are designed to be lighter, stronger and more dur­able than conventional precast concrete components.”

Additionally, High Concrete’s Denver plant is a member of Cool Climate Concrete, which is an initiative to reduce the amount of Portland cement used through alternative mat­erials. “The independently audited program is aimed at reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases,” High Concrete says.

As it reduces the use of ASTM C150 Portland cement, the company says it can help eliminate approximately 6,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually. According to High Concrete, it uses such materials as slag, silica fume and fly ash to maintain concrete quality.

Doing it Right

Pullen joined High Concrete in 2005 and says he enjoys the company’s environment. “[They] like to get things done the right way,” he says, adding that the work provides a fast-paced atmosphere. “[There has] always been challenges put in front of me.”

He adds that he sees continued success for High Concrete. “With the people that we have, I would say [we will have] a bright future,” he predicts. “[We have a] lot of talented people, [and] we just need to continue bringing people in and challenging everyone.”  

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