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Toitures Trois Etoiles Inc. – which translates to Three Stars Roofing in English – shines brighter than other roofing contractors in Quebec because it is not afraid to take on the industry’s hardest jobs, President Giancarlo Bellini says. In fact, the LaSalle, Quebec-based company thrives on difficult projects such as the landmark Hotel de Ville de Montreal, Montreal’s city hall. 

Completed in 1878, the five-story structure features the regal aesthetics of the Second Empire style of architecture. Its slate-tiled mansard roof was later remodeled with a copper roof to reflect the neoclassical architec­tural style, Beaux-Arts. In summer 2008, Three Stars Roofing began renovating the copper roof in a $6 million project that is expected to be com­pleted in February 2011. It is one of the company’s most challenging pro­jects to date.

“It is a historical building that has a lot of very old copper artwork that journeymen made a long time ago,” Bellini says. “We take great care in putting on those ornamental pieces because they are difficult to replicate. At the beginning, there were a lot of doubts by our competitors and professionals who thought we didn’t have the manpower or ex­pertise to execute this type of work. But we have proven ourselves, and in eight months, we’ll have the final result. Up to date, the quality of work has been impeccable; I’ve had nothing but praise from city officials.”

A New Direction

After immigrating to Canada from Italy in 1960, Bellini’s father, Aldo Bellini, took a job working for a roofing contractor. A few years later, he and his two partners started Three Stars Roofing. For years, the company focused on roofing projects coinciding with the development of Mon­t­real’s Italian neighborhood. In the years to come, Aldo bought out one of his partners and Giancarlo Bellini became actively involved in the estimating side of the business, opting to take the company on a new path. 

“I had a different vision,” he says. “I was more interested in doing complicated work, such as industrial, commercial high-rises and public tenders. At that point, my dad’s partner was not in agreement with me, so we ended up buying his share. My dad was the kind of guy who liked to be on site and always took care of production and the crews. He left the management and day-to-day operations of the business to me.”

After suffering a stroke, Aldo Bellini discontinued working for the company and left his son in charge. “With my studies in arc­hi­tecture and administration, as well as my tri­lingual communication skills, I wanted to give a new direction to the family business,” Giancarlo Bellini says. “Three Stars Roofing has grown from a simple and modest undertaking [to a company that is] competitively involved in the commercial, industrial and institutional [sectors]. However, we’ll still do complicated residential work that entails slate and high-end ornamental copper – work that you wouldn’t find a typical roofing contractor doing.”

Full-Service Roofer

Three Stars Roofing is a full-service roofing contractor that operates its own metal shop. “We are quite complete,” Bellini notes. “A lot of other contractors will sub that part out, but install the pieces themselves. We have the equipment to fabricate all metal accessories for our jobs. We are very well equipped. We have four boom trucks. We are one of the only roofing contractors in Quebec to have a 40-ton crane and one of maybe four or five roofing contractors equipped with an industrial roof vacuum.”

The company is known for having exceptional service crews, he adds. “We have very good service crews for existing traditional flat roof repair,” Bellini says. “A lot of the workers have many years of experience. Some of the foremen on our two maintenance teams have been with us for over 20 years. They’re really good at finding leaks, and we have a lot of repeat customers because of that. 

I would say 60 percent of our business is established clients that are happy with our services and keep giving us work, and the other 40 percent is public bids.”

Three Stars Roofing is well versed in green roofs, too. With so many projects seeking LEED certification, the com­pany has familiarized itself with solar reflective roofing. “We had one project where they wanted a reflective white gravel that met the LEED req­ui­rements, but there was none available in the market,” Bellini recalls. “We took some product from a quarry we deal with and had it proofed in a lab­oratory for its reflectiveness.”

Looking ahead, Three Stars Roofing intends to remain a family business. Sesto DiSante, Bellini’s uncle, is a foreman for sheet metal; Sabino Mandato, Bellini’s brother-in-law, works as a controller; and his wife, Valerie Palumbo, works as his assistant. “In the office, we try to work as a family,” Bellini says. “Everyone gets to offer their opinion. We don’t have one way of doing things, so if it makes sense, we’ll try it.”

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