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Whether it is a retrofit project or new construction, most owners want energy-efficient and “clean” HVAC systems in their buildings.  Comfort Systems USA, one of the largest HVAC contractors in the United States, can provide these systems. Comfort Systems USA, based in Houston, has locations throughout the United States, primarily in the Sun Belt and the Southeast.

Chairman and CEO William F. Murdy says the company is still expanding into new areas through acquisitions. Its capabilities include mechanical design/build, service and maintenance, facility automation services, national accounts and energy services.

Murdy says Comfort Systems is the largest company in a fragmented industry, claiming $1.1 billion in a $40 billion market. “We’re growing our own current operations and prudently bringing in new operations,” he adds. “We’re acquiring new geographic locations.” The company designs, installs and fine-tunes HVAC systems for high-rises, hospitals, universities and hotels.

Big Advantages

Some of the projects the company has handled include The Omni Orlando Resort at Championsgate in Orlando, Fla.; The University United Methodist Church in Syracuse, N.Y.; The HarborWalk Village in Destin, Fla.; and The University Hospital in Little Rock, Ark.

“The advantages of working with a national company of our size and scope exceed what the industry has provided until now,” the company says. “By merging the talents of top HVAC-related firms from around the country, Comfort Systems USA renders the widest range of technical expertise and service available. With its extensive work history, Comfort Systems USA forms centers of excellence to guarantee success for any project, no matter what the size.”

Efficient Needs

As energy prices continue to rise, more new construction projects specify energy-efficient systems.  Murdy says the equipment for these systems has become more efficient, as well, including pumps and compressors. “The resultant is much more efficient systems than they could have put together 10 years ago,” Murdy says. “There are slight additional costs, but the savings in electrical energy use offsets those additional costs quickly.”

Many owners of new construction projects are open to using energy-efficient equipment, even though it comes with extra costs. However, retrofit projects require more of a sales pitch from Comfort Systems, according to Murdy. “People usually replace these systems based on whether or not they work anymore,” he adds. “To do it for energy efficiency, many times they have to be sold on that and educated on it. Many of them see the efficacy of that very quickly. As energy prices get higher, more will see that.”  Depending on the age and efficiency of the system being replaced, the savings can be 20 to 30 percent, he says.

Getting it Done

According to Comfort Systems USA, today’s commercial facility construction environment demands innovative solutions. The company explains operational efficiency is more important than ever. 

“Profit-based enterprises need to consider not only base construction costs, but how ongoing energy, operations and maintenance costs will be impacted,” the company says. “What’s more, retrofits are required for aging building systems to meet changing environmental compliance laws.”

Through its energy-efficient mechanical design/build approach and its continuously growing network of regional mechanical design/build support firms, Comfort Systems USA says it brings all elements of new and upgraded construction projects under one team for single point-of-contact responsibility, fast-tracked project schedule and cost guarantees, and maximum energy, operation and management effectiveness.

“Our full turnkey experience in installing and servicing HVAC, electrical, plumbing, building automation and process control systems is brought to bear,” the company explains. “Comfort Systems USA services consist of a sequence of events designed to ensure successful, cost-effective, interactive and collaborative projects. Founded on the industry-accepted design/build project management techniques, [they] include all appropriate engineering and construction tasks and focus on energy efficiency, risk management, cost containment and the elimination of change orders.”

Reliable Maintenance and Service

Along with new construction and retrofit projects, Comfort Systems USA also offers scheduled service and maintenance for existing facilities. The company’s capabilities in this arena include:

  • Comprehensive planned maintenance and 24-hour repair services;
  • A national network of HVAC professionals;
  • Standardized performance across all locations nationwide;
  • A 24/7 call center with Internet-accessible reporting, on-service call status and related repair histories;
  • Business knowledge and HVAC expertise to help customers improve efficiency, save energy and reduce operational costs; and
  • Customized invoicing.

 “[Clients] can rely on the expertise of our thoroughly trained technicians to keep [their] HVAC systems operating at their best,” the company says. “Comfort Systems USA delivers mechanical service solutions that are based on a total life cycle approach and are customized to meet [their] facility needs.”

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