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Haselden Longs Peak Hospital copyHaselden Construction’s use of prefabrication delivers the new UCHealth Longs Peak Hospital in record time.

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers

Haselden Construction has been known for construction excellence and customer satisfaction in the Rocky Mountain region since 1973, when Jim Haselden started the family business. Because of its reputation and ability to take on a large-scale projects with an aggressive schedule, the company was chosen to build UCHealth’s new Longs Peak Hospital.

“We are a family business, but also a business family and I strongly believe that’s what sets us apart,” President and CEO Byron Haselden says. “We have a very strong family culture in the Rocky Mountain Region and attract a lot of people with those same values and who support each other. Our differentiator is our culture and people who are committed and take pride in their work. We have great people who do great things.”

The Centennial, Colo.-based company prides itself on fulfilling its customers’ needs completely by providing solutions-oriented services, including real estate development, virtual design and construction and self-performing work. “At Haselden Construction, our vision is to be a great builder,” the company says. “Our purpose is to fulfill our customers’ needs completely.”

Longs Peak Hospital

Haselden Construction was tasked with building UCHealth’s Longs Peak Hospital in Longmont, Colo., on an aggressive schedule. In 14 months, the company took an empty 44-acre site and transformed it into a state-of-the-art 220,000-square-foot hospital. “It was undeniably the fastest build we’ve done,” Haselden notes.

Prefabrication played a major role in keeping the construction of the hospital on schedule. By assembling two prefabrication tents onsite, which encompassed a total of 20,000 square feet, the company was able to be extremely efficient and reduce man-hours. Haselden box

“In these massive tents we had a prefabrication assembly process. A lot of the interiors were prefabricated and rolled out onto the job site,” Haselden explains. “It was similar to a manufacturing facility. We did a panelized prefabrication skin for the envelope, so we built the inside and outside of the building at the same time.”

Locating its prefabrication shop on-site allowed for efficiencies in the management of materials, personnel and work that an off-site prefabrication warehouse would not permit. Multiple variations of the headwalls were constructed, including framing, plumbing, electrical, ducting, med-gas and vacuum systems, with a final device count of about 20 per headwall.

“We built a template for each different headwall variation, which we test-fit in the field to guarantee the placement and size of the cut-outs for the multitude of devices,” the company says. “That template was then used to fabricate the finish wood surface using a CNC machine. By using this method instead of manual fabrication, we saved hundreds of hours while ensuring quality was never compromised.”

Haselden Construction worked closely with EYP Health, explaining it is easier to start with design when it comes to prefabricating. “Nearly a decade ago, Haselden identified that prefabricating major scopes of work would create a condensed schedule guaranteeing speed to market for our customers,” Haselden says.

During the design process, Haselden Construction’s virtual design and construction department combined BIM 360 Field & Glue with QR codes to “take it to the next level of facility modeling,” Haselden says. “We put QR codes in each one of the rooms, so a facility manager can come up to the room and scan the QR code with their phone or iPad to get all the information about what’s in the room. As an example, in an operating room you have the boom lights and if one is broken you can quickly pull up the manufacturer’s information and specs.

Focused on Safety

Despite working under the pressure of an aggressive schedule, safety remained the No. 1 priority on-site. “One of our No. 1 values is really the safety of everyone,” Haselden says. “In the construction industry, safety is changing and there’s been a shift to give a voice to the worker, allowing the workers on-site to put their hand up if they see a problem and someone will listen.”

Haselden Construction implemented a safety program it calls “I Got Your Six,” which means, “I got your back.” The company gives safety bucks for “I Got Your Six” moments and rewards workers for identifying potential hazards on site. “We make a big deal about it because if they see an unsafe situation and bring it to our attention we can not only avoid a potential injury but educate a worker in the process of safe work habits,” Haselden says. “In the past, workers wouldn’t want to tell the boss because they didn’t want the boss getting mad at them. We are changing that mindset.”

During the construction of Longs Peak Hospital, Haselden Construction recognized and rewarded a number of people for finding unsafe situations onsite.

Successful Results

Haselden Construction met its tight deadline and completed Longs Peak Hospital in June. “This didn’t just succeed just because of Haselden,” Haselden says. “We couldn’t have done it without the collaboration and strong relationships we have with UCHealth and Sean Menogan, vice president of UCHealth Facilities Design and Construction, EYP Health, as well as our trade management partners and subcontractors. It took everyone pulling together to achieve this.”

Longs Peak Hospital Facilities Manager Scott McGough said every time he visited the site all of his questions were fielded with consistent professionalism. “The team takes pride in their work, and it shows in the facility and everything they do,” he added. “The team is outstanding and the place looks great.”

Haselden Construction plans to stay laser focused on its corporate initiative to use prefabrication (in some form) on every project. “Haselden Construction has been a leader in the movement to utilize prefabrication to deliver upon our customers’ expectations,” Haselden says. “Speed to market is the new norm and that means accelerating productivity and condensing schedules, all while ensuring that quality is never compromised – it’s how we fulfill our customers’ needs completely.”

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