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Newfield picNewfield Construction has earned its reputation as one of Connecticut’s most trusted Construction Managers.

By Chris Petersen

For nearly 50 years, Newfield Construction, Inc. has been helping to build Connecticut, the company’s longevity in and around the Hartford, C.T., market is no accident. According to Project Manager Josh Johnson, the key to the company’s success has been its commitment to its clients and focusing on their needs from the start to finish on each project. The company continues to complete successful projects like the athletic facilities upgrade and renovation at John F. Kennedy High School in Waterbury, Conn., Johnson says, the company is adapting to the changing nature of the construction industry while maintaining the values and vision set forth by its founders, the Davis Family.

Founded in 1969 in the City of Harford by Bill Davis, Newfield Construction has completed numerous successful projects in multiple contract formats across multiple market sectors. Upon succeeding his father as President in 1984, Damien Davis has carried on the tradition of success and client first philosophy instilled in him by his father.

As active members in the communities in which the build, Newfield employees take pride in doing the job well. It stands as a primary motivator that they carry from project to project. “Driving through this state and being able to point out different landmarks that we have built is a very satisfying feeling,” the company says.

Today, Newfield Construction is one of the most successful and accomplished construction managers & general contractors in Connecticut, with a portfolio that spans multiple sectors. Newfield Construction has completed successful projects in various markets from residential and commercial sectors to educational, retail and hospitality projects.

Long-Time Leader

One of the biggest advantages Newfield Construction has in the marketplace is its longevity, which Johnson says gives the company an exceptional knowledge of the local market and the subcontractor base. What’s more, that longevity means customers can feel confident that they can trust Newfield Construction to do the job right.

“If you look through our portfolio, you’ll notice right away that we’ve completed multiple projects for many of our clients,” Johnson says. “This is a testament to the quality of work we do. Clients recognize the value we bring to the construction process and they invite us back to work with them again and again." Newfield box

The longevity of Newfield Construction in the marketplace is mirrored by the tenure of the employees that work there. Johnson says more than half of the company’s employees have been there for at least 20 years, giving the company a strong sense of continuity as well as a strong knowledge base. “I think that goes a long way,” Johnson says.

Passing the Test

The company’s strong knowledge of the overall market has been an asset they bring every project. The company’s successful work on John F. Kennedy High School was no exception. Johnson says the recently completed work, included an extensive classroom and gymnasium addition and renovation and extensive work on the outdoor athletic facilities including the construction of a new synthetic turf field. Although the work was challenging in some aspects due to the nature of working in an active school environment, Johnson says Newfield Construction was able to execute the project flawlessly.

“We continue to be a go to provider of construction services in the school construction market in Connecticut,” Johnson says. “It’s a fairly small market, but if you look at the volume of educational work performed in this state, I’d say were certainly in the top three.”

Newfield Construction was selected to build a 45,000-square-foot addition to the existing school building and perform extensive renovations to the existing admin offices, completed in the summer of 2015. However, upon completion, the school district added the phase of constructing a new synthetic softball and football field that was completed in early October 2016.

As with any school related project, the challenging aspect of work was completed, without disruption, while classes were still in session. This included removing a 50-foot section of the building for tie-in of an elevated connector to the new addition with students occupied the surrounding areas. “We had to use quite a bit of foresight and planning to keep everyone safe and get the job done,” Johnson says.

The company presented the school district with site logistics, phasing and safety plans early in the process and incorporated the feedback it received. “We probably went through a dozen versions of the phasing and site logistics plans,” Johnson says. “It took a lot of preconstruction planning to develop a phasing and logistics plan that worked for all parties.”

To further help things along, Newfield Construction incorporated the phasing and site logistics plans into the bid documents so that trade contractors could see right away what the they had planned. “We had complete buy-in from the get-go,” Johnson says.

Embracing Change

On the John F. Kennedy High School project, as with most recent projects, Newfield Construction embraced electronic documentation and BIM as means to help visualize the project before setting foot on the site. Johnson says technology has been a critical element of how Newfield Construction manages projects. “We’re changing as an organization to more of an electronic model in how we manage our projects from start to finish,” Johnson says.

The company’s adoption of advanced technology is emblematic of how Newfield Construction is preparing for the future, Johnson says, and as long as the company continues to embrace change it expects to continue to hold onto its leadership position in Connecticut. “I think as the industry changes, we’re changing as a company, too,” Johnson says.

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