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MCN BuildMCN Build believes it must do more than build structures – it must build communities through a commitment to service and philanthropy.

By Eric Slack

Founded almost nine years ago, MCN Build certainly has an impressive portfolio as a general contractor. MCN Build has established itself as a full-service general contractor serving the District of Columbia, Maryland and northern Virginia.

But there is far more to its success than an ability to provide preconstruction services, design/build, consulting, construction management, service work, general contracting and sustainability services. Since its earliest days, MCN Build has focused on projects in neighborhoods in need while building a strong reputation for philanthropy throughout the region.

When MCN Build embarked on its first project – a 20,000-square-foot community center with classrooms and a 500-seat worship center – the company realized it had a passion for building projects that had strong connections to communities. As MCN Build has grown its presence as a general contractor in the Washington, D.C., market, it has concentrated on institutional projects. Approximately 90 percent of the company’s work is for institutional clients, including schools, churches, libraries and museums. MCN Build box

“Our company found its niche working on community-based projects because there are different rewards that come along with projects that benefit the people that live and work in our backyard,” says Joseph Khoury, vice president of preconstruction. “Early on, the core members of our team found a different drive and purpose that goes beyond just putting up buildings.”

Uncommon Approach

This strong focus on building projects that are of significant benefit to its market is what sets MCN Build apart in the Washington, D.C., area. “Community” is the one common theme across its entire portfolio. “We started focusing on projects that would better the communities, educational work especially,” Khoury says.

Another added benefit of working on these municipal projects is the opportunity to work with subcontractors and tradespeople from the places where projects are taking place. This allows MCN Build to work with different certified small and disadvantaged businesses.

“We want to use the resources of the areas where we build,” Khoury says. “We’re not just focused on the benefit of the finished product. We’re also focused on having community members involved in the project.”

Even on privately funded projects that don’t have requirements for working with locally-based partners, MCN Build still goes out of its way to use homegrown businesses and workers on its projects.

MCN Build’s efforts extend far beyond simply engaging in the construction of a project and then moving on to the next opportunity. Philanthropic endeavors make up a significant part of MCN Build’s operations. MCN Build has purchased more than 500 textbooks for the third grade students at one of its school projects. At another elementary school project, MCN Build acquired and installed playground equipment free of charge after realizing that the school couldn’t afford the playground equipment on its own.

“Our people work very closely with our clients and partners on our projects, and that builds closeness,” Khoury says. “We work together with them on fundraisers and our team members get involved in youth mentorship.”

Beyond Washington, D.C., MCN Build’s belief in giving back is well represented as well. The company has engaged in projects in Africa, even sending its own employees to perform the work on the ground. “We think of ourselves as a company based on soul, rather than a company based solely on profit,” Khoury says.

Because its philosophy has been a key differentiator for the company, MCN Build has been able to create a team of qualified and dedicated people that puts those philosophies into action. This team will play a critical role in MCN Build’s effort to grow and expand.

“As we build the company, we must find the people who align with our vision,” he says. “Our people enjoy taking part in social work as team-building activities during work hours. Our culture really appeals to our people, as they appreciate how we work as a team and serve. They are able to bring in the groups they have worked with and provide us with new ideas for the kinds of organizations that we can support.”

Spreading its Message

MCN Build has found success in Washington, D.C., as a philanthropically inclined general contractor. The company believes it has been able to get its message across to the D.C. market, and its clients know that community is its focus and strength.

At the same time, it is excited at the prospects of taking its vision to nearby markets. The company recently opened a satellite office in Baltimore, and it will continue to look for new markets where it can apply its expertise. The company is looking to build ties in the areas, counties and school systems that surround Washington D.C.

By looking for opportunities to get to know the needs of its neighbors, MCN Build can gain an understanding of how nearby markets operate and what kinds of projects can help it build on its mission to put community above all other concerns.

“We want to be known for who we are here and in the surrounding communities,” Khoury says. “We are looking for opportunities to build our presence. We believe we are moving in a positive direction by maintaining our focus on delivering community-based projects and providing support long after a project has finished.”


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