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Building By DesignBy specializing in pre-engineered metal buildings and building an experienced team, Buildings By Design has excelled in Colorado and beyond.

By Eric Slack

Based in Brush, Colo., Buildings By Design has been fulfilling its commitment to provide the highest level of service on a wide array of construction services since its founding in 2004. The company has established a level of experience that allows it to handle projects from start to finish, on time and on budget. Taking pride in its workmanship, quality of service and building relationships with clients, Buildings By Design provides services such as general contracting, design/build, construction management, project management and pre-engineered metal buildings.

As a general contractor, the company builds the clients’ buildings and structures, using high-quality subcontractors for many aspects of the building process. In the design/build sphere, Buildings By Design works with clients to come up with a design that fits their needs and sees the building through construction.Buildings By Design info box

In the construction management area, the company can organize, schedule, direct equipment, order materials and manage all the different personnel in the process of construction. With project management, Buildings By Design acts as project manager and oversees projects under constraints of time, cost, and specification and performance regulations. Lastly but most importantly is the pre-engineered metal building sector of its business, as Buildings By Designs’ specialty is the design, ordering and constructing of metal buildings and facilities.

“We focus on specialized metal buildings as project owners come to us to think outside the box,” Partner Travis Lefever says. “We’ve done many medical facilities, municipal work and credit unions and banks. Most of our work is based in Colorado, but we will go outside of the area for our clients. We built several dental offices for one client across the country. Mainly, we are heavy in the Denver metro area and do a lot of projects on Colorado’s Western Slope. We are based in the Eastern Slope and are the largest general contractor in the northeastern section of Colorado.”

Engineered to Last

Buildings By Design has chosen to specialize in pre-engineered metal buildings because it is able to go beyond their traditional usage. Historically, metal buildings were viewed as boxy with little to no aesthetic appeal, used for things such as farming and agriculture. But they can appeal to designers and owners for economic and scheduling reasons.

“When you work with pre-engineered metal buildings, the engineering for the base structure is typically completed before a design team is even selected. This allows the design team to design to parameters that are already set, allowing a design process and ultimately the construction process to be completed ahead of schedule,” Lefever says.

“We have been able to work with architects and designers to create aesthetically pleasing buildings, doing things with metal buildings that they haven’t historically been designed to do,” he adds. “We’ve been working on these for a long time now and have the knowledge about how they come together and what they can and can’t do. We can provide the input on projects and put what clients are thinking about into designs and 3-D renderings and work with them on what can be accomplished.  Over the last 12 years we have teamed with Chief Buildings for our PEMB projects. Their expertise and willingness to think out of the typical PEMB box has been invaluable to our clients and to us. We couldn’t have picked a better partner in the PEMB arena.”

The work that comes to Buildings By Design comes through either design/bid/build or design/build formats. The company tends to focus more on the design/build sphere where the owner comes to the company before selecting the design team. “That way, they work with us on their requirements and we can work with the owner closely on design and finishes based on their needs and wants,” Lefever says.

Team Approach

Internally, the company has put together a strong team of project managers, business development experts and operations specialists. Everyone in the company has a wide range of experience, which helps the company work with project owners.

“We have the project managers and superintendents that can manage project budgets and schedules, and we have concrete superintendents and workers in-house so we can do a lot of the foundation-up concrete work,” Lefever says.

The company has also invested in building ties with its subcontractors and vendors.  Buildings By Design has many preferred vendors, but it also has a thorough vetting process that allows it to get to know any new vendors that come to the table.

Continuous improvement is another important area for Buildings By Design. Last year, it brought in an outside consulting company to help look for areas of improvement.

“They looked at what we do, both internally and externally and spent time in our office monitoring how we handle daily tasks,” Lefever says. “After a month, they gave recommendations and helped us write policies and set goals within our company to helps us be as organized as possible as we go from business development to project scheduling to project management. Having another set of eyes helping us during our growth phase was very beneficial.”

Buildings By Design believes its future looks bright. Colorado has a growing economy and an expanding population. It expects the Colorado construction market to be strong, although it knows there are challenges related to the steel industry with Chinese and American steel. The decline in the oil industry has also impacted parts of Colorado. But overall, Buildings By Design believes the immediate future holds increased construction opportunities for the company to pursue.

“We’ve been growing in the last few years, so we are where we want to be for the short term,” Lefever says. “Our company is all about relationships. We continue to grow but we retain our heritage as a small company with small-town values. We believe that we should always do what we say we will do. When we make a promise to a client, we work to live up to that promise. We believe in transparency and we love seeing an owner’s thoughts and dreams come true with projects they can be proud of.”

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