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Bethesda Memorial Hospital, a community nonprofit hospital in Palm Beach County, Fla., cared for more than 250,000 members of its community last year. This included 19,611 hospital admissions, 2,864 deliveries, 9,467 surgeries, 187,804 outpatient visits and 58,591 patients cared for in its emergency department. As a comprehensive center of healthcare ñ Bethesda offers 40 specialties and centers of excellence in cardiology, oncology, women and children’s services and rehabilitation. The hospital is proud of what it offers its community, but as the community grows, Bethesda continues to expand its services.

Bethesda Memorial Hospital opened in 1959 with 70 beds and a staff of 32 physicians and 65 employees, but as it has grown with its community, the hospital now has 401 beds, 525 physicians and a staff of more than 2,300 employees. Bethesda Healthcare System opened Bethesda Health City in 1996 to serve the western communities of South Palm Beach County, and the outpatient medical mall was key in that effort. The system recognized, however, that people in the county’s western communities needed vital healthcare, such as emergency care and inpatient medical services, that only a hospital could provide.

In response to this need, Bethesda Healthcare System broke ground on Bethesda West Hospital (BWH) in May 2010. The $130 million, all-private-room, world-class nonprofit facility is on schedule to open in early 2013 after 30 months of construction. Based on the area’s expected growth, Bethesda Healthcare System expects that BWH will see 20,000 emergency department visits, 20,000 inpatient stays and perform 3,000 inpatient and outpatient surgeries in its first year.

“This all-private-room facility will provide a 24-hour emergency department and a full complement of inpatient and outpatient services, including physical therapy, imaging and mammography,” said Robert B. Hill, president and CEO of Bethesda Healthcare System, the nonprofit corporation that manages a range of healthcare services. “Together with Bethesda Memorial Hospital and Bethesda Health City, we look forward to bringing Bethesda West Hospital into our family of healthcare services to better serve our western communities.”

Consistent Mission

Construction of Bethesda West Hospital began in June 2010, and the project is being managed by Mouw Associates of Delray Beach, Fla. Mouw Associates has been working with Bethesda Memorial Hospital for 20 years, performing a number of projects, and was one of the founding corporate partners of the Bethesda Hospital Foundation. Mouw’s partners on the project include Premier Cabinets and Fixtures Inc., Alumiglass, Acousti Engineering and Johnson-Davis Inc.

Bethesda West Hospital is being constructed on a 58-acre site that is part of the former Amestoy Farms. Nancy and Martin Amestoy were one of the pioneering farm families in the area’s agricultural reserve, the hospital explains. The Amestoys purchased the land in 1951 and farmed there for more than 50 years. To recognize them, the Bethesda West Hospital main entrance road will be named in honor of Nancy Amestoy.

Construction of the 80-bed Bethesda West Hospital is part of the first phase of construction on the site, which also will include the development of a 45,000-square-foot medical office building. The entire BWH complex has been designed so it can grow to become a 400-bed hospital. Bethesda West Hospital is projected to have 300 full-time employees and volunteers, and will share a medical staff with Bethesda Memorial Hospital.

Bethesda West Hospital says it is being founded with same mission that has guided Bethesda Memorial Hospital since its inception: “to provide quality health services in a caring manner.” The all-private-room community hospital will provide comprehensive inpatient and outpatient medical services with state-of-the-art technology. It says it will incorporate environmentally sound practices to support superior patient care.

“We are absolutely thrilled that the growing communities of West Boynton will have access to lifesaving emergency medical care, inpatient services, and a full range of outpatient services in a community hospital – in their neighborhood, which is one of the fastest growing communities in all of Florida,” Hill said in statement.

A Hotel-Like Atmosphere

When it opens in early 2013, Bethesda West will be an acute-care hospital with general medical, surgical and intensive-care services, as well as outpatient services and a 24-hour emergency department.

“The new Bethesda West Hospital will be a beautiful, state-of-the-art, environmentally sound facility that complements the architecture of the surrounding area and features: all private patient rooms; intensive care rooms; full-service operating room suites for inpatient and outpatient surgery; post-anesthesia care treatment areas; a 24-hour emergency department with 18 patient treatment areas; general medical and surgical services; a full complement of diagnostic services including MRI, CT, general radiography and mammography,” Bethesda Healthcare System says.

Special features of BWH will include a completely electronic medical records system that will enable physicians to receive test results for their patients in real time via their smart phones or computers, making the hospital “paper lite,” it says. “It will also ensure that patients receive optimal care so that they can recover in a timely manner.”

Technology also will allow patients to order their meals via room service. Bethesda Healthcare System says patients will be able to order from a prescribed menu when they are ready to eat, which will add to the hospital’s hotel-like atmosphere. To ensure patients are comfortable as they travel through the hospital, BWH will have three separate elevator banks: one for patients, one for visitors and a third for supplies and equipment.

“Bethesda West Hospital has been designed in a style to reflect the architectural surroundings of the West Boynton community,” Bethes­da Healthcare System says. “Hospitality and healthcare services will be integrated at Be­thesda West to provide a tranquil environment with all private rooms for patients, nursing areas dispersed throughout each unit, allowing nurses to stay close to their patients.”

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