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In only six years, Nauset Construction grew from a one-client construction company operating from the basement of a former bank, to a $30 million general contractor with experience in a variety of industries. Today, the company markets itself throughout New England in key market sectors, such as education, healthcare and multifamily housing.

According to Anthony Papantonis, president of Nauset Construction, the company’s growth strategy was straightforward: Hire reputable industry professionals as the company secured new work and entered new geographic markets.

With a quality work force on board, Nauset excelled at complex projects located on challenging sites. These projects came complete with complicated logistical and staging conditions, tight budget requirements and aggressive schedules. 

After only 12 months in business – and success – Nauset outgrew its basement-level location and moved to its current headquarters in Needham, Mass. Today, the company shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, it has future plans to expand its presence beyond New England to open offices in other regions of the country.

Communicate Success

As Papantonis explains, Nauset thrives on projects that involve new, ground-up construction, as well as extensive multi-phased additions, renovations and conversions within sensitive occupied and operational environments. Such environments include projects on education, healthcare, residential and commercial locations.

In these environments, Nauset has found that frequent and continuous communication is required to ensure that a project – and a company – runs smoothly. “Communication, flexibility in the field and intensive schedule and financial project management are the necessary components for success,” Papantonis explains. “A well-organized approach is having the owner, architect, consultants and subcontractors all on the same page at the onset of a project before a shovel hits the dirt, with clear lines of communication and well-defined roles established.”

Planning and communication have enabled Nauset to fine-tune its ability to execute difficult or invasive construction projects in the heart of clients’ building operations, while ensuring that clients’ businesses remain open and profitable. This operation model has led to many happy clients – a must-have for Nauset.

As the company grew and developed a diverse project portfolio, it emphasized one vital rule: ensure the owner will be more than willing to provide a glowing reference at the end of each and every project. According to Papantonis, the company’s ultimate goal is to transition new clients into repeat clients.

“Solid client relationships are Nauset’s future,” he adds. “Client relationships extend beyond the building owner and developer – they transcend throughout the entire project team and to the ancillary business entities that support Nauset’s continuous growth including surety, financial, accounting, insurance and legal business partners.”

Investments for the Future

Throughout the past six years, Nauset has been diligent about laying a sturdy foundation for its future. Investing in quality employees to ensure client satisfaction was the cornerstone act for the company. As Nauset grows and expands its reach throughout various industries and regions, it continues to invest in specific areas of business to ensure even more success in the future.

Five years ago, when Nauset left the basement office of its inception and relocated to a spacious new headquarters several miles away, the business was able to grow in some profound ways. The new facility enabled Nauset to expand its staff size, while also enabling it to invest in new system infrastructure.

Nauset made a strategic business move and invested in new technology that would help it succeed in the competitive marketplace. The company invested in servers, virtualization and the latest in BIM, project management, scheduling, accounting and cost-estimating data applications that are accessible to employees in the office, in the field and on the road.

Papantonis is a firm believer in investing in the best technology in the industry and providing continuous training to employees. “Nauset empowers its employees to effectively execute their roles and responsibilities by using the latest technologies and training to successfully provide comprehensive and flexible construction management services,” he explains.

The investments Nauset made – and continues to make – in its work force and business operations have given the company some significant advantages in the construction arena.  According to Papantonis, Nauset’s building projects have been delivered to market with the most durable materials, tight building envelopes, efficient mechanical systems and sustainable design elements practical to allow the projects to move forward financially, while remaining as efficient and sustainable as possible.

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