ACCIONA brings expertise in public-private partnerships to Canada. Infrastructure improvement projects have gained attention in the United States and Canada as other construction work has slowed. In the U.S., allocations from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) have funded or closed funding gaps in infrastructure projects. In Canada, public-private partnerships (P3s) are an alternative procurement model that welcomes other sources of funds to deliver projects in addition to traditional procurement methods, increasing construction activity and creating local jobs.

Employee ownership makes workers feel like a branch of the family tree. Branch Highways is not a description of a roadway but the name of a company and the man who started it – Bill Branch. Founded in 1963, Branch Highways Inc., in Roanoke, Va., is one of the companies owned by the Branch Group.

Kier Construction (Jamaica) is celebrating 50 years of building relationships in Jamaica. Kier Construction (Jamaica), a division of the U.K.-based Kier Group, has been constructing complex industrial facilities in Jamaica for 50 years. This is a significant achievement for any contractor, Caribbean area manager Steve Milner says, but what makes it an exceptionally special milestone from his point of view is the fact that the company has not just been building projects, it’s been building relationships, too.

Hassell Construction says its experienced work force is an important asset. Like all construction firms, the economy is the biggest challenge Hassell Construction Co. Inc. is facing, Executive Vice President Joe Rebecek says. “There are less jobs available and the prices are down,” he says. “We’re working on slim margins so we really have to watch our projects and manage them properly.”

Award-winning dck pacific guam LLC helps to build up American territory. The diversified group of professionals at DCK Pacific Guam LLC have experience on Guam and Micronesia in new and renovated institutional, retail, hotel, recreational, offices and industrial facilities. Since 1985, its employees have been recognized as leaders in the local economy, the firm says.

Tri-C Construction performs projects for itself and third-party owners. Having a clear understanding of an owner’s expectations and requirements often is the key to a successful project, and few general contractors have the same depth of knowledge as Akron, Ohio-based Tri-C Construction.

Summa-SKMG operates as one firm to serve the Canadian industry. Included in the MOST Canada Group of Companies is Summa– SKMG Construction, a combination of Summa Management and SKMG Construction. Since 2009, when the two divisions joined forces, Summa-SKMG has become a well-known player in the Canadian construction market by offering clients the combined strength of construction management and general contracting.

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