Malko picMalko Communication Services LLC continues to expand its technical capabilities and services after more than 90 years in business.

By Jim Harris

Malko Communication Services LLC’s willingness to evolve its services to meet clients’ needs has made it one of the Chicago area’s leading electrical contractors for the past 90 years. “We’ve been a part of the Chicago electrical and technical landscape since our inception in 1926,” says Thomas Pedergnana, director of wireless networks for the Skokie, Ill.-based company. “We’ve helped construct the Chicago area by bringing buildings out of the ground and installing new and emerging technologies for 90 years.”

Kyle Conti ConstructionKyle Conti Construction’s client-driven philosophy has helped build a reputation as an unflinching heavy construction and infrastructure development company.

By Eric Slack

Upon founding operations in 2000, Kyle Conti Construction has become known for integrity and honesty, as well as its ability to self-perform work and complete durable and lasting projects. Its founder and President, Kyle Conti, is a fourth-generation member of a family committed to the highest quality standards of construction. In 2000, he ventured off from the family business to establish KCC and utilize the Conti family beliefs and values in his own business. That’s why hiring good people, collaboration and sustainability have been a part of KCC’s DNA since day one.

JA LeeNearing the end of its work on one of New York’s most anticipated projects, J.A. Lee Electric plans to keep the tri-state area connected.

By Janice Hoppe

As the go-to telecommunication and data infrastructure contractor in the New York tri-state area, J.A. Lee Electric is installing what it believes to be the largest distributed antennae system (DAS) in New York City. The Grand Central Terminal and Park Avenue Tunnel Project is the largest job in company history and was made possible after a substantial change in its capital structure.

Indoor VuIndoorVu creates and manages high-resolution in-building data.

By Jim Harris

IndoorVu’s founding partners started the company in response to a recurring problem they saw in the buildings where they worked. “As buildings become smarter, more software-based and connected, they require digital models that accurately reflect their condition,” Co-founder and CEO Mike Colosimo says. “For many buildings, existing models are not digital and do not reflect the current as-built condition.”

Anritsu picAnritsu’s wireless signal testing equipment helps ensure that smartphone users can be heard and seen.

By Jim Harris

Most people probably don’t think twice about how they’re able to receive a signal to their smartphones in public places – until they’re unable to receive calls and texts or use any apps. The smooth operation of a wireless network is largely taken for granted by smartphone users. However, making sure those users are able to use their phones or other devices effortlessly is the main concern of one of the world’s largest wireless technology equipment providers. The products and services provided by Anritsu ensure that wireless networks powered by distributed antenna systems (DAS) or large antenna towers – known as macro networks – continue to run as they should.

SoBroSoBRO is committed to providing affordable housing and other services to the South Bronx.

By Jim Harris

In the 1970s, the South Bronx was nationally known for all the wrong reasons. The New York City neighborhood, which had previously been a place for working-class families, had deteriorated into poverty and crime.

Hundreds of thousands of residents fled the area, and those remaining witnessed the destruction and abandonment of many of the area’s homes and businesses. For many people, the words of legendary sportscaster Howard Cosell, spoken during the 1977 World Series as television cameras captured images of fires raging in the area surrounding Yankee Stadium, said it all: “Ladies and gentlemen, the Bronx is burning.”

During that time, a group of local business executives and community leaders took on the urgent task of trying to reverse the neighborhood’s decline. The South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation, known as SoBRO, formed in 1972, initially focused on preventing further job and business losses by supporting business and industrial development efforts.

AKI DevelopmentAKI Development focuses on bringing luxury to Queens.

By Alan Dorich

For many years, the borough of Queens, N.Y., has largely been ignored as a potential setting for luxury residential developments. But Aki Todic has worked to change that. “Astoria, Queens, [is] the best neighborhood on the East River,” he declares.

HAKSWorking on high-profile projects and mentoring up-and-coming professionals give HAKS a hand in shaping the world of tomorrow.

By Eric Slack

Founded in 1991, HAKS has grown from a two-person operation into a 650-person, full-service consulting firm thanks to an enduring commitment to excellence. Based in the heart of New York City’s financial district, the company has 15 branch offices in the United States and international offices in India and Bahrain. The company has been involved with many high-profile projects that have helped the company to stand out in the industry.

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