When Lori Carroll launched her design firm Lori Carroll & Associates in 2000, she could not have predicted how successful it would become. With hundreds of notable projects throughout Arizona, Carroll has left a definite impression on the region and says that’s due in no small part to the careful approach and collaborative spirit her team sets in motion on every project.

As a graduate of the University of Arizona’s interior design program, Carroll spent a short time working for a local furniture store before breaking out and establishing her own company. Working alongside two partners for more than twelve years, Carroll’s business was flourishing when she decided to set out on her own once again. Today, Lori Carroll & Associates specializes in high-end interior design for a wide range of residential and commercial clients throughout the Tucson area.

Campus life at the University of Tulsa will brighten up a bit next semester with the opening of Hardesty Hall, a new dorm and office space on campus.

Preconstruction work kicked off in earnest on the project in the fall of 2013. Selective demolition of a 45,000-square-foot structure was completed in January 2014. The demolition of former office space was conducted during the school’s winter break to not interfere with daily activities of students and staff, says Kyle Rudolph, project manager at Key Construction. 

Building pad work then began in February 2014. “We are ahead of schedule,” Rudolph says. The project will be turned over to the university July 15, which is also ahead of schedule. This timeline will allow students to move in for the fall semester.

After 35 years, HGS LIMITED has become the largest precast Concrete engineering provider in Canada. The company has managed this, Vice President and founder Medhat M. Ghabrial says, by not putting limits on its reach.

“We essentially decided not to be confined to our geographic area,” he says, noting that it serves clients in places such as Quebec, British Columbia, Manitoba, Texas, Kentucky, California, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Tennessee, Guam and Indiana. “We have clients everywhere in the continent.”

Ghabrial started the Windsor, Ontario-based company in 1979, after finishing his Ph.D. at the University of Windsor. “I decided to start my practice with my friend Mark Hanna in 1979, which turned into precast a couple of years later,” he recalls. 

Hayes PMC has a 20-year history of providing the power industry with the highest level of maintenance and service. That dedication has led to it overseeing the daily operations of one of the largest power plants in the country. “Our guys in the plant every day have second-to-none dedication,” Managing Director Jeremy McKinney says. “They take ownership of the plants with the goal of exceeding the owner’s expectations in their work.”

The Belleville, Ill.-based company was founded by three local contractors in 1995 at the request of Illinois Power to handle the bulk of the electric company’s work, including daily maintenance and scheduled and forced outages. Chicago-based Hayes Mechanical, a full-service mechanical contractor established in 1918 with satellite offices in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nebraska and Texas, owns Hayes PMC.

For the past 60 years, Florida East Coast Realty, LLC (FECR) has changed Miami’s skyline with its projects. The developer aims to do it again with Panorama Tower, the tallest residential building south of New York, Executive Vice President Jerome Hollo says.

“It’s just a well-designed, mixed-use urban development,” he says. Hollo serves as project manager on Panorama. “We’ve brought in some great partners on the project.”

Located on the largest parcel of property in the epicenter of Brickell Avenue with a depth of 500 feet to Brickell Bay Drive, the 83-story Panorama Tower will stretch to 830 feet high, as Florida’s tallest skyscraper. It will feature 821 luxury residential apartments, 100,000 square feet of medical office space, and more than 50,000 square feet of high-end retail.

Some firms prefer projects with a lack of complexity, but City Constructors Inc. (CCi) seeks them out. “We specialize in large, historic, adaptive reuse, and we’re good at it,” President Bryson Reaume says.

Founded in 2003 by experienced industry partners, City Constructors started with the idea of creating a construction company that could meet the needs of stakeholders revitalizing downtown Los Angeles at the time.

“We started this company in 2003, with the assumption that we were going to come in, do a single project and probably move on,” Bryson Reaume recalls. “What ended up happening was we formed a really great group of people.”

In  the course of 24 months, Reaume took CCi from a couple of card tables on a project site to a fully functioning company with close to 60 employees. 

When people travel over a bridge, they usually think the only thing underneath it is its supports. But sometimes as much traffic is traveling under the bridge as on it, although it may be Internet traffic over copper or fiber-optic telecommunication lines. Other utilities such as electricity for the bridge’s lighting and sewers for its drains, as well as natural gas and water lines may be running under a bridge’s pavement. Installing those lines and their ancillary equipment and inspecting and maintaining the bridge itself requires reliable work platforms to obtain access.

The truck-mounted machines that can rest on top of the bridge and reach down around its edge and hold mobile work platforms reliably under the bridge are leased by Anderson Crane and Bridge Technology Inc. “We supply to what they call conduit constructors and contractors, and that’s pipe the public doesn’t see, hidden up underneath the bridge,” CEO and owner Pat Dandridge explains. Many of the utilities that run underground use the underside of bridges to cross an obstruction and then plunge back underground after crossing.

One of the world’s busiest airports will soon offer a convenient new warehousing and drop-off option to shipping and cargo-handling operations. Work is underway on two of the three buildings that will make up the Chicago O’Hare International Airport Cargo Center.General contractor Chicago-based FCL Builders Inc. broke ground on the $200 million project in October. 

Construction of the two buildings is slated for completion in February 2016, with the third building beginning construction later that year.

“This project represents the first new addition of air-side cargo warehouse at O’Hare in more than 20 years,” says Erin Gruver, executive vice president of acquisitions and development for Aeroterm, the project’s owner and developer. “The existing air-side facilities are occupied and at capacity, so the airport needed new capacity to grow the cargo market and serve the demand that exists.”

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