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Kyle Conti ConstructionKyle Conti Construction’s client-driven philosophy has helped build a reputation as an unflinching heavy construction and infrastructure development company.

By Eric Slack

Upon founding operations in 2000, Kyle Conti Construction has become known for integrity and honesty, as well as its ability to self-perform work and complete durable and lasting projects. Its founder and President, Kyle Conti, is a fourth-generation member of a family committed to the highest quality standards of construction. In 2000, he ventured off from the family business to establish KCC and utilize the Conti family beliefs and values in his own business. That’s why hiring good people, collaboration and sustainability have been a part of KCC’s DNA since day one.

“Kyle believes in surrounding himself with a phenomenal group of people who complement his vision for the company,” Business Developer Frank Olivo says. “It’s a very familial kind of environment, and everybody is very hard-working and focused on achieving their best for the good of KCC as a whole.”Kyle Conti Construction info box

Based in Hillsborough, N.J., and focused on New Jersey as well as the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast, KCC is a heavy construction and infrastructure development company with a portfolio that includes civil, environmental, ports and marine, bridges, rail, dams and more. The company has taken a selective approach to establishing its place in the market.

KCC is a client-driven contractor that looks to take on projects that are complex, utilizing its capabilities to provide clients with peace of mind, professionalism and extensive expertise. The company strives to learn the needs and goals of the clients in order to build out the most efficient and effective projects.

“Our target markets lean toward heavy industrial, transportation and sustainable infrastructure projects,” Olivo explains. “We look for projects that will allow us to optimize our project management, labor forces and equipment. Projects with a diverse scope of work appeal to us because we are very diversified in what we can do. If a project has a broad scope of work, it can access and deploy the vast areas of expertise that we have in-house. We look to self-perform as much work on our projects as we can for the most part with the exception of MEP trades and specific specialized work.”

As part of its client-driven approach to business, KCC will go wherever its clients need help or support. The company does not pursue speculative growth by opening offices in numerous locales without a legitimate driving factor, but it is willing and able to move up and down the East Coast when required by clients.

Exemplary Performance

Among the many projects KCC has taken on in recent years is the demolition of existing dry and reefer warehouses for Port Newark Container Terminal (PNCT), which is the owner and operates under a long-term agreement with the PANYNJ on a 267-acre site. The project is an instrumental part of future PNCT growth plans with the facility poised for major development during its upcoming Phase 2 expansion, as it readies for the uptick in larger ships and shipments as a result of the recently opened and expanded Panama Canal.

Another KCC project, this time with the Princeton University Facilities Organization, was for a contract to perform the Phase 1 structural repairs to the historically significant Carnegie Lake Dam. This included repair work to the west abutment and extended 190 feet along the dam into the Millstone River. The established relationship and successful completion of this contract has led to the Phase 2 contract, which will allow KCC to complete the prestigious dam rehabilitation in its entirety for the renowned university.

KCC also engaged in a contract with the Gloucester County Improvement Authority on its Stage 1 Rail and East Parcel Development, the redevelopment of a former BP Refinery into a new terminal to be operated by Holt Logistics. This was a fast-track project to be completed on an aggressive timeframe for a Russian Steel tenant that was to ready to begin bringing in shipments.  KCC was able to keep up with the demanding schedule thanks to its planning, operations and implementation know-how. The majority of contract work was self-performed, with only the actual rail itself being subcontracted for installation.

Additionally, KCC was awarded the replacement of Bridge 0-10 by Monmouth County, N.J. The intent was to build a similar structure with modern materials and design elements to improve safety and access. The project spans Deal Lake, which presented access obstacles that included the overly soft lakebed soil, and also required abiding to stringent environmental guidelines. KCC met the logistical and operational challenges through the use of innovative methods to create the best support for the concrete structure to ensure safety during the ongoing operations.

Finally, KCC is gearing up to work with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on the Hurricane and Storm Damage Reduction Project in Port Monmouth, N.J. KCC was awarded a firm fixed-price construction contract that includes the construction of 2,225 linear feet of concrete floodwall, 415 linear feet of sheet pile spliced onto an existing bulkhead along the marina and 23 linear feet of new sheet pile wall that ties into high ground. It is a vital part of the overall Port Monmouth plans designed by the USACE to bring resiliency to the area in the event of future storms.

“With all of our projects, I am always impressed by the collaboration of my colleagues and how thoroughly our team reviews and understands the project so that we can mitigate risk and/or obstacles in order to provide the most thorough proposal to the client,” Olivo says.

Sustaining Excellence

As the company looks ahead, it knows it must be able to adapt. KCC continues to look at strengthening its long-term relationships in the private sector, while always observing the public-sector opportunities to identify advantageous projects that can be a good fit.

“It all comes down to strategy, planning, and timing. We are constantly and tirelessly working hard along with patience, to align these variables,” Olivo says. “We feel that our markets are generally solid, and we are always making sure we stay on top of what is happening in the sectors to keep up with the ebb and flow of the industry.”

KCC is committed to organic growth along with its client base. By building top-notch relationships with clients and continuously satisfying their needs through the completion of stellar projects, KCC believes it can achieve lasting success. This key part of KCC’s culture all stems back to the long legacy of the Conti family, and KCC is committed to carrying on and building upon its family traditions.

“We are always looking to bring our unique expertise to the table, innovating and finding better means and methods to work so we can provide unparalleled benefits to our clients,” Olivo says. “Our company believes in providing clients with value-driven and innovative solutions to ensure the best project outcome, and we are very passionate about contributing to the success of our clients and their projects.”

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