Indoor VuIndoorVu creates and manages high-resolution in-building data.

By Jim Harris

IndoorVu’s founding partners started the company in response to a recurring problem they saw in the buildings where they worked. “As buildings become smarter, more software-based and connected, they require digital models that accurately reflect their condition,” Co-founder and CEO Mike Colosimo says. “For many buildings, existing models are not digital and do not reflect the current as-built condition.”

Colosimo and IndoorVu’s other partners – which include Business Development Director Phil Voigt – started the company as an extension of the work they had done with a Manhattan Beach, Calif.-based consulting firm. The consulting firm specializes in projects related to the application and development of geographic information systems (GIS). “We kept seeing this problem for the businesses working on in-building systems, of not having accurate models of buildings.  We knew it was possible to create those models, so we looked at the solutions that were out there and how they were being applied,” Colosimo adds. “We felt we could do put together an turnkey solution including collection, processing, delivery and management better than the way it had been done, so we started a company around it.”IndoorVu

IndoorVu’s founders started the company in early 2016 after spending more than a year researching several hardware and software-related mapping technologies. Several of the company’s employees have extensive building modeling and mapping experience. “We spent time researching and talking to industry experts and users to analyze the business opportunities related to building mapping and GIS,” Colosimo says. “We spent the first four months after launching the company integrating hardware, developing our model and putting together the best staff we could. This [past] summer we began taking on projects and are now starting to scale the business.” 

High-Tech Capabilities

IndoorVu provides three main services to its customers, which include facility owners and managers, public safety institutions and building engineering firms (including RF). The first of these services is data collection, which includes scanning buildings for physical structure, radio frequency and other environmental data including air quality, building material information and the location of fixtures. This information is collected with a mobile cart system that has a 300+ foot range and uses several types of sensor equipment to capture information at high precision. “We use a high-tech mobile cart that integrates sensors together so we can collect a variety of building information and accurately reference it to a geographic location,” Voight says.

The company’s data collection cart differs from conventional surveying methods as it is neither stationary nor single sensor based. “This is a more dynamic and much more efficient method of data collection that can be done by just walking through a building with the cart at the same speed you would normally walk,” Colosimo says.

Once information is gathered, Indoor VU processes that data into high-resolution 2-D or 3-D maps that can be used by CAD, BIM or other business applications. “There have been ways to create maps and models for the past 10 years, but those can be very slow and very expensive,” Colosimo says. “Our solution is very fast and very inexpensive, without compromising accuracy.”

The information gathered by the company has a variety of applications in facilities management, public safety and the building engineering, including wireless systems like DAS and wifi. “If you want models created down to a centimeter in accuracy so you can engineer systems around them, that’s what we do,” he adds. “Reverse-engineering BIM can be hard to do and is very expensive; we’re able to do it at a lower cost.”

In addition to its data-collection and data-processing capabilities, the company also offers data management to its clients. “For example, a convention center regularly has demands for updated digital building information from police or fire departments as well as from the Department of Homeland Security for situation awareness plans,” Colosimo says. “In addition, there are companies interested in mapping and understanding the details of lighting systems in convention centers, retail venues and other similar buildings. We manage that data, so when the center gets calls for 3-D models at some specific level of detail, we’re able to provide those quickly and efficiently.”

IndoorVu can host data and store it securely in the cloud as well as provide it in a local format, all of which allows users to utilize the data across device types and business applications. 

Growth Plans

Since its inception, IndoorVu has completed several projects across the United States, including scanning and mapping large convention centers, high rise office buildings, retail centers and corporate campuses.

Although the majority of the company’s work is located in the United States, IndoorVu can take on projects anywhere in the world and is currently scaling up its capacity in order to meet the demand of the global market, Voigt says.

Today, the company can complete two to four projects a month, but is working to target 50 or more projects a month. “We have been growing with our early clients to date, ensuring we are developing a valuable solution that fits seamlessly into our clients existing processes,” Voigt says. 

The company is working hard to expand its capacity. “We are currently developing critical partnerships for scale and distribution with a number of multi-national organizations.  We’re excited about what those partnerships will allows us to do to and looking forward to beginning to execute with them in the coming months,” Colosimo says.

IndoorVu plans to be the premier indoor mapping and content company in the world and serve the market at a high volume. Colosimo says, ‘We believe we have the capability and partnerships to do just that.”  


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