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Being prepared for a natural disaster can make a tremendous difference for a homeowner or property manager, but when the storm has passed and the cleanup and restoration begin, contractors need to be prepared as well.

Storm Ventures Group (SVG) and its annual “Win the Storm” conference will gather hundreds of construction CEOs and top managers at Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Casino on March 3-4, 2016, for a two-day training event to assist contractors to scale their companies into the $100 billion-plus insurance restoration industry. The “Win the Storm” conference helps contractors create entire new divisions, and new revenue streams to their existing business models.

SVG founder and CEO Anthony Delmedico says the “Win the Storm” event helps construction leaders prepare their companies to jump in and more effectively serve their customers in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster – such as hail, wind, flood or fire – and join a $100 billion worldwide market in insurance restoration. 

The 2016 “Win the Storm” conference will bring together some of the most influential minds in the insurance restoration market to provide construction leaders with proven tactics and skillsets that will allow them to expand their business models to encompass the insurance restoration market. Through roundtable discussions, interactive training sessions, classes and team-building exercises, construction company owners and CEOs will receive the skills they need to compete in a market that already is huge and continues to grow. 

“We are excited for our third annual training event for industry contractors,” Delmedico says. “’Win the Storm’ is a very unique event  because we provide not only the best speakers in the industry, but the actual tools, systems, even the contracts, forms and documents needed to help mobilize construction and restoration professionals to launch and scale their companies in this niche industry and achieve the next level.”

As a 15-year veteran of the insurance restoration market, Delmedico brings a deep understanding of what contractors need to succeed in the marketplace. Although the industry itself is enormous, the majority of contractors working within insurance restoration are small mom-and-pop operations that often struggle to cope with the complexities of working with insurance providers. That’s why Delmedico founded SVG nearly three years ago, he says – to help these blue-collar contractors scale their operations to fit the specialties of that particular market niche. 

“I really saw a need in the industry to provide construction and restoration companies the tools and skills to mobilize and expand their businesses,” Delmedico says. “There are many small business entrepreneurs and owners of smaller construction/restoration and roofing companies that operate in the $1 million to $5 million arena, but want to scale their companies to become $10 million to $50 million-plus companies.” 

Thanks to the expertise and experience of Delmedico and his team, SVG has become a worldwide leader in catastrophe management solutions, and providing training to contractors. The company has assisted numerous contractors not only across the United States but also throughout Europe, Canada, and Australia. The company supplies clients with a full suite of solutions and services including business management systems, business document packages, consultation, as well as onsite coaching/training for owners, CEOs and top managers wishing to increase revenues in this exciting niche industry. You can learn more about these products and services for contractors by visiting

In addition, Delmedico – a veteran of Operation Desert Storm – has written a book titled “Win the Game,” detailing advice for construction leaders, CEOs and managers looking to get into the insurance restoration market. Currently, Anthony is offering the e-book version of “Win The Game” free to all Construction Today readers. Visit to download a free e-book. Readers can learn the proven tactics that helped Delmedico take his restoration company from his basement to 18 states and $173 million in sales in just 10 years.

Win The Storm – No. 1 Conference for Contractors

The “Win the Storm” conference has grown every year, with more than 500 CEOs and construction industry leaders expected for the 2016 event. Delmedico says that’s due in large part to the growing awareness of insurance restoration as a segment of the overall construction industry. Since the massive damages caused on the East Coast by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the industry has become more aware of the opportunities within insurance restoration, sparking a lot of interest in learning the necessities of working within that niche. 

“This industry has really only been defined for the last 15 years,” Delmedico says. “It used to be just called storm-chasing, but now it’s starting to be taken seriously, as it should be with many increased global catastrophes, property damage and insured losses, resulting in a $100 billion industry worldwide. “

“Win the Storm” provides those with an eagerness to learn about the industry with a comprehensive course that runs the gamut from sales, production, and collections to dealing with insurance claims and supplements, all the way down to the specific contracts and business documents contractors need for insurance restoration work. Delmedico says attendees will be able to return to their offices with practical knowledge and systems, they can put to use right away, creating new revenue streams immediately, as well as big-picture motivation and concepts to scale their company to the next level. “We combine what took us 15 years to figure out and provide it as a ‘business in a box’ to contractors and unravel that ‘black box’ in a two-day training course,” he says. “So they go home with an arsenal to produce new revenue streams and profit centers.”

But the event isn’t all business, and Delmedico says SVG’s efforts to keep the event fun and engaging also have contributed a great deal to the success of the “Win the Storm” conference. Enter the Saturday Fun Factor optional events designed to build teamwork, camaraderie and networking that will last a lifetime. Events included on Saturday are an optional one-mile charity run along the Las Vegas Strip Saturday morning, a helicopter tour through the Grand Canyon and contractors can take their choice of helicopter, Harley or shuttle out to shoot machine guns, 50 cals and grenade launchers in the desert.

Delmedico anticipates the 2016 “Win the Storm” conference will be an epic event. 

“The long-term goal of SVG is to reach out to those contractors who are outside of the insurance restoration niche, but want to learn how to break into it, help their communities, and also expand their revenues, profits and operations into other states, and even other countries,” he says. “This is a global opportunity.” 

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