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JADA Group says it is the largest contractor and developer in Barbados. On each of its jobs, The JADA Group specializes in being with clients from start to finish, CEO Philip Tempro says. “[We] can take your project from the conception stage to a remarkably finished project,” he says.

Based in Saint Lucy, Barbados, JADA Group offers construction services through several affiliate companies. Tempro explains that the company was formed when he partnered with JADA?Group’s chairman, Bjorn Bjerkhamn, 15 years ago.

While Tempro was a professional civil engineer for 18 years, Bjerkhamn operated a modestly sized construction firm, through which he gained 30 years of industry experience. When the two joined together, Bjerkhamn’s company became an administration firm and The JADA Group of companies was formed to provide customers with both construction and development services.

Today, JADA Group’s affiliate firms are:

  • JADA Construction Ltd., JADA Builders Inc. and JADA Construction (St. Lucia) Ltd., which provide full construction services, including civil structural engineering, design, consulting and quantity surveying;
  • JADA Development Inc., which specializes in developing, designing and planning large projects;
  • Sigma Construction Inc., which was created to take on small- and medium-sized projects;
  • JADA Equipment Inc., which provides tools and equipment to JADA Group as well as outside customers;
  • Millworks, which specializes in joinery and kitchens;
  • Roofing Solutions Ltd; and
  • Corporate Computing Inc. (CCI), which specializes home automation and information technology.

“We can’t do it all,” Tempro chuckles, “but we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to expand our services to meet our clients’ demands.”

JADA Group employs a staff of nearly 700 and enjoys a leadership position in Barbados, Tempro says. “We’re the largest contractor on the island by a significant amount,” he says. “We love this country, so we do put our major efforts into this country.”

However, the company has not limited its reach only to the island. “We have done construction management outside of Barbados,” he says.

Tempro notes that the company focuses the majority of its efforts in Barbados, because of the company’s strong Barbadian roots and its commitment to the development of the island. “This, coupled with our quality of service, offers the best of Barbados to the world.

“[If] someone comes to Barbados, and they want a very reputable company to work with, they will get value by working us,” he says. “We produce a [level of] quality that I don’t think anyone [else can] produce.”

“The unique fusion of architecture, design and functionality is created in such a way that neither are they distinguished from each other nor are they easily replicated with the same effect,” JADA Group says. “While that is the objective in our trade, it is not always produced as flawlessly as anticipated.”

Project Pride

Throughout the years, JADA Group has assembled a diverse project portfolio that ranges from luxury condominiums to the first residential marina development in Barbados: Port St. Charles, a luxury yacht club facility it finished in 2004.

Located in Saint Peter, Barbados, the facility features a 156-unit marina and a mega yacht facility. “We built and developed the project ourselves,” Tempro says. “That’s been a tremendous landmark for the country.”

In addition, JADA Group has earned recognitions for the project, Tempro says. “I think it has won just about every award that it has gone up for,” he says.

The Mercedes Benz International Property Awards 2002 gave it Best Marina Development, Best Caribbean Development, Best Interna­tional Resort and Best Architecture, as well as a Best International Developer award for the company.

Additionally, the company’s work also has included such projects as the new Judicial Centre location for the Supreme Court, which is located in Bridgetown, Barbados. “The [location] is a five-story, reinforced concrete structure [spanning] 183,000 square feet, which includes both civil and criminal courts with related ancillary accommodation for judges, juries, attorneys, prisoners and the public,” the company says.

A Rich Portfolio

JADA Group’s projects also include the recently completed Saint Peter’s Bay, a luxury, multi-story condominium project in Saint Peter, completed in 2009. According to the company, the project included 57 private beachfront residences on four acres of Barbados’ West Coast.

“Conveniently positioned between the shopping, entertainment and service centers of Holetown and Speightstown, this piece of tropical paradise offers all the key elements that make up the classic Caribbean Dream location,” JADA?Group explains. “[This includes] peaceful surroundings, swaying coconut palms, a sweeping panoramic view of the ocean, a beautiful white and sand beach, and crystal clear water.

“Lavish elegance is complimented by an array of amenities, including 24-hour global concierge services, membership at the exclusive Port St. Charles Yacht Club, a fitness center, a beauty salon, on-site property management and security personnel,” the company continues. “On the beachfront, a beautiful 160-foot freeform swimming pool and gazebo bar borders the beach.”

Tempro notes that the company’s current work includes Port Ferdinand, a private luxury marina development in Saint Peter. When finished, Port Ferdinand will feature 119 berths and 88 three-bedroom luxury apartments that start at 2,100 square feet.

JADA Group also is at work on building the first double bascule bridge in the company’s hemisphere. “It’s an inland marina that we’re treading out,” Tempro says, noting that the bridge will be located north of Port St. Charles. “No one has ever done anything this complicated [on the island].”

Looking for Loyalty

After all these years, Tempro says that he still enjoys JADA Group’s business. “It’s what I love,” he asserts. “I wake up every day motivated because I like it.”

He notes that the company stays successful by having a “very clear and focused scope as to where we are going and what we want to do.” Tempro adds that the company also benefits from having strong joint venture partners and top employees. He credits his people for the company’s continued success.

Of his team, Tempro highlights the company’s management staff. “[They all] have their good attributes,” he says. “I don’t think they would be here if they weren’t good. But I think, all in all, we have an excellent team of people.”

When recruiting, “I look for attitude and loyalty more than anything else and the ability to want to learn,” he says. “It’s better to start with a clean piece of paper sometimes who lack these fundamentals.”

An Evolving Business

Recently, JADA Group’s market has become smaller, Tempro says. However, “We have been very fortunate to have good partners and be able to build a couple large projects at this time that will carry us through,” he says.

He adds that the company has maintained the size of its staff by putting its own money into the company. “We want to keep our company intact,” he says. “We don’t want to see high levels of unemployment.”

In addition, JADA Group has focused more on green initiatives, Tempro says. This has included the use of less wood from endangered species of trees, as well as ways that it can save energy. For example, “We have been looking more towards the fixtures,” he says, noting that the company uses LED lights. “We’re very much in that program.”

Tempro adds that he personally endorses the use of solar power systems on rooftops. However, he admits that sometimes green initiatives can bring extra costs to customers. To adjust, “I think you have to wade through the process and [do] what makes sense for [your] environment,” he says.

Looking ahead, Tempro says he sees a strong future for JADA Group. “We definitely will continue to grow,” he predicts.

“We definitely want to continue to make our standards higher and higher,” Tempro says.

For instance, “We want to make our safety record impeccable and I think we will need to grow outside of Barbados and the region,” Tempro says, noting that the company will grow its reach further into the Caribbean and South America.

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