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Building high-quality, green modular homes is just one of the ways Triple M Housing stands out. A commitment to quality has helped Triple M Housing Ltd. change the way the world looks at modular housing.

Aside from the obvious perk of avoiding unpredictable climate conditions, there are numerous advantages to building a home in a factory setting rather than on site, the Lethbridge, Alberta-based company says. Homes constructed within the walls of Triple M’s 155,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility avoid the risk of vandalism or theft – two common occurrences on a residential building site. The company’s skilled work force is not only reliable, but also permanently employed, which decreases delays in construction caused by inexperienced or undependable laborers.

The modular homes produced by Triple M are built with 10 percent less framing lumber than the average house, which ensures a safe trip to the home site. In addition, the adhesives, screws and strapping used to fasten components together creates a sturdier structure, reducing – and sometimes eliminating – the “nail pops” commonly associated with homes built on job sites.

But what’s increasingly important these days – and appears to surprise most people – is the fact that modular homes are significantly more energy efficient than typical homes because they feature additional insulation and are built sturdier to withstand the excessive snow loads often associated with Alberta winters.

Triple M Difference

In a Triple M home, all of the exterior wall sheathing – which laps the floor framing and perimeter of the roof – is glued and stapled to the studs and belt rails, which means there is no exterior sheathing that is not supported by framing. Plus, a unique wall stud design allows for the installation of windows and doors without the need for extra studs or headers. This makes it possible to insulate headers, thereby reducing thermal bridging.

The way in which the interior of the exterior wall is designed, the gyproc is glued to the belt rails, which allows for a continuous vapor barrier. All electrical boxes are wrapped with a vapor barrier, and all wires and fasteners are sealed with caulking. All penetrations in the walls and ceiling through the vapor barrier are sealed with caulking, as well. “All of these features create a very tight structure and more energy-efficient building,” the company says.

“Our standard insulation is R40 in the roof, R20 in the exterior walls, R26 or R33 in the floor depending on the floor framing types,” it continues. “However, we have available insulation options that are as much as R52 in the roof, R22 in the exterior walls and R52 in the floors of self-contained truss floor homes. Other insulation options could be available upon request and depending on the type of home and construction type.”

“We’re the only manufactured housing company that is allowed to put houses in SunRidge, Canada’s first entirely green community,” Vice President of Operations Ron Angyal says. “When the Built Green Alberta guidelines came out, our normal method of building qualified us for the gold level without doing anything different. Since then, they’ve upgraded the requirements a little bit, so we had to make three or four changes to our building process to maintain that gold level.”

Industry Pioneer

Triple M Housing – originally known as Alma Homes – has been an industry pioneer since it was established in 1981, Angyal says. It was the recipient of several prestigious industry awards, including the 1990 Province of Alberta Award of Excellence in Affordable Housing, and it was the first manufactured homebuilder in North America to achieve ISO 9001-1994 quality assurance registration. “We’ve always had a reputation for quality,” he asserts.

Triple M continues to raise the industry bar when it comes to high-quality and aesthetically appealing modular homes, Angyal says. “We are one of the few manufactured housing companies that is willing to customize our products,” he notes. “We think the market is shifting toward a more residential look as opposed to the mobile look, so we’re always looking for improvements in that area.”

In addition, the company has a broad range of service capabilities that benefit a number of markets. It not only builds single-family homes, it also builds homes for the multifamily market, including apartment complexes, town homes, duplexes and four-plexes. In addition, Triple M has ventured into the commercial market, completing such projects as the 92-unit hotel complex Advantage Inn in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Innovation Centre

Kazuo Koda, president of Triple M Housing, expects to see continued success with the recent completion of the company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Innovation Centre, which enables Triple M to double the production capacity of its previous plant. “The increased production capacity of our new plant combined with the skill and dedication of everyone involved with this company makes me feel very confident in what the future holds for Triple M Housing,” he said in a statement.

“For quite some time, we have marketed this company using the phrase ‘The Triple M Difference.’ It was used to put forward the message of a better-than-our-competitor quality and warranty-backed product. Those two values will always be something we deliver. However, now more than ever, the Triple M Difference is truly relevant.

“From economy-priced manufactured homes to high-end modular homes that will stand up against any site-built home in any city, we can offer consumers more and different options to meet their needs,” he said. “For property developers, we can now design and engineer different buildings to meet their condominium and commercial development requirements. We’re offering something different to meet any customer’s needs. At Triple M Housing Ltd., our mission is to contribute toward the well-being of North American society through our endless pursuit of excellence in designing and building the most comfortable and highest-value new housing. By delivering the best quality to our customers, we are contributing a portion of what they need to achieve a future of satisfaction.”

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