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Tri-C Construction performs projects for itself and third-party owners. Having a clear understanding of an owner’s expectations and requirements often is the key to a successful project, and few general contractors have the same depth of knowledge as Akron, Ohio-based Tri-C Construction.

As an owner-builder specializing in the retail sector, the company understands what it takes to be a successful general contractor.

“What we bring to the table is a keen perspective of the owner’s standpoint,” Director of Business Development Jeff Karlovec says. “We truly understand the budget, schedule and the overall impact on the life of the property as opposed to the typical general contractor.”

Tri-C Construction completes about half of its work for its own portfolio and half for third-party clients. The firm has more than three decades of experience performing design-build, general contracting and construction management services.

Keeping its Commitments

The company’s key to success has been its commitment to serving its niche market without overextending itself in other markets. Its list of repeat clients is a testament to the expertise of the firm, Karlovec maintains. “We have established longstanding relationships with many clients over the years,” he says. “We are very proud that the majority of our work comes from either repeat business or referrals.”

Tri-C Construction focuses on partnering with owners to ensure the success of each project. “Our clients are very loyal, and we’re big believers in building a true sense of partnership,” Karlovec says. “We’re not just another builder; we are a company that our clients rely on and trust from start to finish and that regardless of circumstances, we ensure the successful completion of their projects.”

Trading Up

In the retail sector, there has been a slowdown in new-store construction, but many businesses are remodeling their existing spaces or moving into second-generation spaces. “With the amount of available retail space out there, we’re seeing many more companies taking over vacant buildings rather than building from the ground up as well as performing capital improvements to their existing spaces,” Karlovec says. “With our ability to provide services to our clients on a national level, as opposed to being confined to local and regional markets, the client can rely on our extensive knowledge of their product and processes regardless of new or take over construction.

“Many of our clients have implemented LEED-certified properties as part of their program, both ground-up and take over spaces, and Tri-C Construction has responded to these ever demanding needs,” Karlovec adds. “We are a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, and we have LEED-certified staff members with the ability to ensure absolute adherence to the guidelines set forth in order for our clients to achieve the desired level.”

The company is under construction on one of the first green commercial centers in Pennsylvania. Butler?Crossing is a 200,000-square-foot retail center located on 38 acres in Butler, Pa.

Another of Tri-C Construction’s more recently completed projects is a ground-up project for Restaurant Depot. Although there can be a learning curve for completing work for new clients, the company successfully delivered the 56,000-square-foot facility six weeks ahead of schedule and under budget, all through a Buffalo, N.Y., winter.

“This project speaks to our ability to jump right into the project and bring it to fruition efficiently, effectively, on time and under budget,” Karlovec explains. “We understood their expectations, we had a game plan, and we were proud to be able to provide the company with more sales weeks.”

Karlovec credits the team for the success of the project. Tri-C Construction partnered with subcontractors to develop an accelerated schedule. “We all helped with value engineering and identifying items that we could save money on right off the bat,” he explains.

The company approaches each project with the goal to save the client as much money as possible. “Our ultimate goal is to help our client, because we’re not interested in just that one project,” Karlovec asserts. “We truly want to work closely with them from the beginning and turn the relationships into a long-term partnership.”

Maintaining a Reputation

Before committing to any project, Tri-C Construction will ensure it has the resources available for the job to be a success. “There are many factors that go into assessing a specific opportunity, and if there’s a chance we won’t be able to perform at 100 percent, we will decline the opportunity,” Karlovec maintains.

In the future, the company plans to not only maintain its base of repeat clients, but to develop relationships with new clients, as well. “We’re growing our customer base steadily, but it’s also important to keep things manageable,” Karlovec asserts. “We’ve been on a fairly aggressive growth path over the past few years, and we make sure we’re not losing touch of the details. We want to be able to continue expanding and growing along with our clients.”

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