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Jones Lang Lasalle Mid-Atlantic consistently meets clients’ expectations. As one of the largest corporations in the world, Jones Lang LaSalle conducts business throughout the globe, offering real estate and financial services.

The company has performed transactions in nearly every market, if not all of them. Its properties include office, retail and industrial space, as well as raw land, warehouses and hotels. The company also has a selection of residential properties for sale and lease throughout the globe.

So what does this mean for a Jones Lang LaSalle division in the United States? “There are a great deal of resources available to us, and different divisions in the company are able to use us,” Don Richardson says.

Richardson is the managing director of the company’s Mid-Atlantic division, located in Washington, D.C. He operates in the construction branch of the company, where he says Jones Lang LaSalle provides its world expertise to project on the local level.

Senior Vice President Jim Murty explains that it was a logical step for Jones Lang LaSalle to begin providing construction services. “Basically, if it touches real estate, it helps us grow, and we want to do it,” he says.

On the corporate level, Jones Lang LaSalle tries to aid its branches as best it can. “We are very much attune to what the rest of the company is doing because we get a lot of leads from them,” Managing Director John Totushek says. “[Corporate] is looking to actually solidify relationships with clients, and many [clients] work in other regions, so the company helps us to build those relationships locally.”

No matter the company location, Richardson points out there is ultimately one goal for Jones Lang LaSalle. “The bottom line is what’s important to us is servicing the client,” he states. “It is the No. 1 goal. We are service oriented above and beyond the project.”

Murty agrees with Richardson, and says the Mid-Atlantic construction group goes all-out for its clients. “We service the living hell out of them,” he asserts. “We stay in contact with the client for a longer duration of the real estate cycle than is typical. The bottom line is to have them the next time they are dipping their toe into the market.”

Be the Best

The goals of the construction group in the Mid-Atlantic region, Richardson notes, are to be the best and a leader in market share. He acknowledges that it has been tough because of the economy, but clients can feel safe coming to Jones Lang LaSalle since its offers financial stability and one-stop shopping through its assortment of real estate services.

“Our biggest goal is to be the best construction services provider,” Totushek exclaims. Jones Lang LaSalle says no one knows the Mid-Atlantic market like it does. Its teams have the insight and experience to manage local needs, plus the global reach to assist clients when their needs expand. Its work stretches from Washington, D.C., to the suburbs of Maryland and Northern Virginia, and also hits the outer reaches of Baltimore and Hampton Roads, Va.

Richardson says the company is spread out, but it is more than capable of bringing quality projects to the region, and the division is even looking at expanding. Totushek echoes this by pointing out that the company is increasing its involvement in the Maryland region in the cities of Columbia and Baltimore.

In addition, Murty says Jones Lang LaSalle is beginning to target Richmond as an area where it can expand its operations. The company has real estate offices throughout Maryland and Virginia.

Beyond the Typical

When it comes to projects, Totushek says Jones Lang LaSalle’s construction managers are in on the project from the beginning, which he points out keeps change orders to a minimum.

Jones Lang LaSalle’s projects range from small interior fit-outs to multimillion-dollar mixed-use developments that include R&D laboratories, clean rooms, office buildings, manufacturing/distribution facilities, corporate offices, higher education campuses, government institutions, historic renovations, residential and retail projects.

The company says its capabilities extend beyond the typical construction platform. Its staff is trained in several disciplines of both real estate and building, which, it explains, gives clients construction managers, superintendents, estimators and field engineers with the right skills to help navigate the construction process.

Jones Lang LaSalle takes this approach through its construction teams by keeping an open dialogue with real estate brokers. “Our interests are in line with the broker, the client and the entire [development] team,” Richardson says. “We want to make it user friendly – the entire project. We look to enhance relationships with clients through ones they may have with the broker and real estate services.”

In addition, the company says its collaborative approach to real estate problem solving is why respected businesses and institutions in Washington, D.C., have come to rely on it.

An example is the work the Mid-Atlantic division has done for Lockheed Martin. Richard­son explains that Jones Lang LaSalle’s construction group was introduced to Lockheed Martin 12 years ago through the company’s broker services. Since then, Lockheed Martin has contracted Jones Lang LaSalle to serve many of its construction needs.

A couple projects were recently complete by Jones Lang LaSalle for Lockheed Martin. A 7,600-square-foot interior exhibition space for software demonstrations in Washington, D.C., was constructed. The company partnered with global firm Interior Architects to deliver the building, which includes a secure area for classified demonstrations for the U.S. Armed Forces.

At the close of the first quarter for this year, Jones Lang LaSalle finished the relocation of the Lockheed Martin’s D.C. operations center. At 450,000 square feet, Murty says Jones Lang LaSalle worked with Lockheed Martin to build the base.

Ensuring Delivery

The strength of Jones Lang LaSalle’s Mid-Atlantic construction group is “knowing our business, being proactive and managing expectations and coming through with them,” Richardson says.

“Adding great value for the clients,” Totushek adds. “We try to keep their best interests at heart – bringing in subcontractors who know we know are going to perform and give them a good price.”

Richardson notes that one of the things the company tries to do with subcontractors is offer fairness. “We look at subs as a resources on a project,” he says. “We get the best competitive pricing because we have a large group of subs and put them in the best position to succeed.”

Jones Lang LaSalle has developed relationships with many subcontractors, which helps because Jones Lang LaSalle knows it is building with a team that is finically stable, and will not need to replace someone midstream.

“That’s huge,” Murty agrees. “We need to do what we say we’re going to do. If we say we’ll have [a project] done Nov. 1, 2010, then we need to deliver it on Nov. 1, 2010, or before. We need to get the right cogs in the delivery system so we will deliver when we said we were going to deliver it.”

“Clients feel good about the fact that we’re going to see a project through and get it done when we say we are,” Totushek adds. ‘More of What We’ve Been Doing’ For the future, Jones Lang LaSalle’s Mid-Atlantic team wants to continue to build on its divisions success.

“We want to do more of what we’ve been doing,” Richardson states. “Jones Lang LaSalle Construction acquired Spaulding & Slye Con­struction in 2006, and we’ve grown since then. We’re still in infancy in Jones Lang LaSalle, and sill reaching our full potential.”

When clients come to Jones Lang LaSalle, they can expect a company dedicated to providing exactly what the client needs. “It’s one-stop shopping,” Richardson declares. “You’ve got an entire organization dedicated to the satisfaction of their clients. We have a singular bottom line of enhancing relationships, continuing relationships and providing the best product and service.” “No one ever lost their job for making the client happy,” Totushek insists.

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