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Arch and Godfrey (Cayman) Ltd. tailors its services to its clients’ needs. The construction industry has faced a period of considerable change in recent years. Arch and Godfrey (Cayman) Ltd. has successfully adapted to the shifts within the industry by responding with ease to changing client demands and market imperatives. Based in George Town, Grand Cayman, the firm is one of the largest and most successful general contractors in the Cayman Islands.

“Arch and Godfrey’s success is due to its completion of some of the finest and most challenging projects on the islands, exceptional client, subcontractor and supplier relationships, and a close-knit staff that relates more like family than employees,” President Heber Arch says.

Arch says his family has a long history in construction and shipbuilding in the Cayman Islands. He notes that Arch and Godfrey’s construction roots go back to 1972 when H.J. Arch Construction and Townend and Godfrey Bros. Ltd. merged, forming Arch and Godfrey Construction Ltd.

Arch and Godfrey immediately became a leader in the local construction industry. “The company earned an exemplary reputation through client satisfaction by meeting its commitment to quality workmanship on time and within budget,” he says.

Today, the company’s services include construction management, design/build, and lump sum and unit rate contracting. In addition, the firm operates with the policy to “provide its clients with the necessary services tailored to meet their specific needs,” he states. Additionally, “As one of the ‘Big Three’ in the Cayman Islands, Arch and Godfrey is the only company in that league with its entire decision-making personnel resident on Grand Cayman,” he says. “Arch and Godfrey, in most instances, can have a board of directors meeting within an hour’s notice.”

Project Pride

“Arch and Godfrey has the ability to carry out a wide range of projects, including those that are large and complex,” Arch says. This enables the company to be very competitive in the local construction industry.

There are only a small number of general contractors in the islands with a proven track record and the quality of managerial and technical staff that Arch and Godfrey can provide.

Arch and Godfrey has numerous projects in its portfolio that it is proud of, including the Owen Roberts International Airport Terminal in George Town. The company finished work on the project in 1984, after only a 16-month schedule. This was the company’s first contract with the Cayman Islands Government.

“The completion of the main contract work was four months ahead of the contract completion date,” Arch and Godfrey says. “However, Arch and Godfrey had other contracts on the site, including three with the airlines Cayman Airways, Air Jamaica and Republic,” the company continues. “The other was with respect to the construction of a family type restaurant and cocktail bar.”

The Owen Roberts Airport is the only international airport on Grand Cayman, and at the time of completion, was one of the most modern airports in the Caribbean. The airport terminal is approximately 100,000 square feet. There are spacious arrival and departure concourses, immigration and security offices, a VIP lounge, restaurant and cocktail bar, an exchange bank and duty free shops.

“Consultants Chalmers, Gibbs, Martin and Joseph designed the airport,” the company continues, noting that its predominant features include two large A-frames. “It is a steel-framed structure with concrete floors, block walls and concrete-tiled roofs. The exterior is enhanced by cedar wood and local coral stone.”

Arch and Godfrey’s portfolio of specialty projects also includes the Lighthouse School in George Town, which is an all-age school for the physically and mentally challenged. The project was completed in 2001. It consists of a single-story building consisting of classrooms, a multipurpose hall, a kitchen, canteen and offices. It is 42,000 square feet and was constructed for the Ministry of Education.

Commercial Construction

Arch and Godfrey also has developed a large portfolio of commercial projects, including the Harbour Centre, which is located in the George Town business district. This structure, which was finished in 1992, has a total area of approximately 40,000 square feet.

“Harbour Centre is a four-story professional office building with units for lease,” Arch and Godfrey says. “The building’s anchor tenant was Goldman Sachs (Cayman) Trust Ltd.”

Arch and Godfrey’s commercial projects also include Kirk Supermarket, which spans 56,000 square feet and once was the largest single-story building on the Cayman Islands. When completed in 1989, Arch and Godfrey completed the project in 10 months and under budget.

Kirk Supermarket was designed with the customer in mind. It has spacious aisles, a full-service meat department and a large fresh fish section, including a large lobster tank, which was innovative to Cayman. The store also includes a full-service deli and bakery, a large frozen food department and a pharmacy. Arch and Godfrey says the deal for the project was made on a handshake, with no signed contract. For more than two generations, the Arch family has completed projects for the Kirkconnell family – the owners of the Kirk Supermarket – based on a verbal agreement sealed with a handshake.

Its commercial work also has included the Bayshore Mall in downtown George Town, which it completed in 2004. The project took 12 months to complete.

The project consists of several two-story buildings designed to reflect the architectural heritage of the Cayman Islands with the highest standard of structural integrity and finishes.

This commercial development of 66,000 square feet is located downtown immediately opposite to the South Terminal where cruise ship passengers disembark. It is home to many well-known free port shops, including Kirk Freeport, Lladro, Swatch and Tous, as well as Haagen-Dazs, cafes and a spa.

Constructing Living Spaces

Arch and Godfrey’s project portfolio also includes some of the largest, best-equipped and finely finished homes in the Cayman Islands. “These luxury homes are owned by some of the islands’ leading professionals and are located in the most prestigious residential areas, including the world famous Seven Mile Beach,” Arch says.

Completed in November 2009 was the sustainable executive home for Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Tomlinson, a two-story house of 7,000 square feet with all the amenities expected in a luxury home. It is located above the hurricane maximum flood level, designed for category 5 hurricanes and has a huge water cistern, a standby generator and a solar system.

“The swimming pool is heated by solar energy,” Arch says. “Arch and Godfrey has earned a commendable reputation for quality workmanship and customer satisfaction, resulting in maintaining many repeat customers.”

The firm’s portfolio also includes several condominium and hotel projects on Grand Cayman, including the Pinnacle condominiums, which it finished in 1999 after an 18-month schedule. The condos are located on one of the widest stretches of the Seven Mile Beach.

“The Pinnacle is one of Cayman’s most luxurious condominium developments, consisting of 42 spacious units made up of two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments,” Arch and Godfrey says. “Each suite has a private patio or balcony overlooking Seven Mile Beach,” the company continues. “There is a freshwater swimming pool, a tennis court and common room with a bar and lounge that are all located on the premises.”

Another condominium project is the Regal Beach Club, which the company finished in 1998 and also is located on Seven Mile Beach. “Regal Beach has a total of 57 units, consisting of two-bedroom and three-bedroom villas,” Arch and Godfrey says. “Each villa has a private patio or balcony overlooking the pool, beach and ocean. The complex has two freshwater swimming pools, a hot tub, private gym and a tennis court.”

In addition, in 2000, the company completed a Comfort Suites in Grand Cayman, located 150 feet from the beach. According to the company, the project was Grand Cayman’s first hotel to meet U.S. code requirements to be handicap compatible. It features 108 units, a restaurant, bar, fitness room and swimming pool.”

Arch and Godfrey also completed The Water’s Edge condominiums in September 2007. These condominiums are located on the prime section of Seven Mile Beach.

According to the company, it is one of Cayman’s most luxurious condominium developments, consisting of 35 spacious apartments, 32 of which are 3,500 square feet and three of which are 6,500 square feet. Each suite has its own fully equipped kitchen and laundry facilities, as well as a private balcony overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

The large, three-tiered disappearing-edge swimming pool and two whirlpools add aesthetic charm to the high level of amenities on this project. There is a large, fully equipped exercise room as well as a private owners’ lounge and bar all located on the premises.

A Promising Future

“As it has grown, Arch and Godfrey has been blessed with an outstanding staff,” Arch says. “Many of the employees have worked for the company for 25 years or more and most of the remainder for more than 15 years,” he says.

Arch says he sees a strong future for his company. “The future looks as promising as the past,” he says. “Arch and Godfrey will continue to reinvent itself to meet the changing demands of clients, while keeping pace with new technologies, bearing in mind that in all instances, substance takes precedence over image.”

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