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Armtec Infrastructure Solutions is a manufacturer and marketer of a comprehensive range of infrastructure products and engineered construction solutions for customers in a diverse cross-section of industries. Headquartered in Guelph, Ontario, the company’s customers can be found throughout every region of Canada, as well as the United States and global markets. End-use markets for the company include public infrastructure and private sector markets in agricultural drainage, commercial building, residential construction, utilities and natural resources.

Operating through its network of regional offices and production facilities across the country, Armtec Infrastruc­ture Solutions’ broad range of applications includes drainage, bridge applications, industrial and commercial buildings, soil retention, rehabilitation and water management systems.

Products from the company include an array of architectural and structural precast and pre-stressed concrete products from steps, paving stones, slabs and wall panels to highly engineered structural components designed and installed for projects such as bridges, sports venues and parking garages. Armtec Infrastructure Solutions also offers high-density polyethylene pipe and tubing, corrugated steel arch structures and corrugated steel pipe. In addition, the company provides a full suite of noise barriers, acoustic enclosures and wall systems along with associated retaining wall and traffic barrier systems.

Armtec Infrastructure Solutions has been busy pursuing its strategic growth. “Over the last three years, we have acquired 10 companies to transform ourselves into a leading service provider and broaden the range of solutions we offer,” says Chuck Phillips, president and CEO. “As a result of these acquisitions, we can offer a comprehensive and more complete range of solutions to owners and specifiers, and a broader bundle of products for contractors and developers,” he adds.

Solution Providers

In Western Canada and elsewhere throughout North America, public-private partnerships (P3s) have been growing in popularity and they present an important new challenge and opportunity for Armtec Infrastructure Solutions. Phillips says P3s are taking on enormous projects where only a rough budget is initially considered. “The design possibilities are more open and there is a greater opportunity to offer both conventional as well as more innovative but cost-effective solutions that fall within the parameters of the P3 design-build framework,” Phillips explains.

As Armtec Infrastructure Solutions’ experience with P3 projects grows, Phillips says the company is becoming more attuned to how they work and is working more closely with the organizations to suit and meet their needs.
“Typically, our solutions involve faster construction, so we are able to solve problems more quickly,” he explains. “Our flexibility and innovation in our manufacturing operations set us apart from the competition, as does our installation capability, for example, in precast bridge structures.”

Focus on Regional Customers

As part of the company’s recent growth, Armtec Infrastructure Solutions’ new organizational structure along regional lines brings its acquired companies into one operating company, broadens its product and service offering to customers across the country and enhances its competitive market position.
Through this approach, Armtec Infrastruc­ture Solutions has successfully introduced Durisol sound barrier solutions to the British Columbia market, which is still relatively young and is often characterized by a general lack of industry standards. “As part of this process, we are working with governments and acoustic consultants to establish state-of-the-art standards and practices for the industry,” Phillips explains.

This work is paying off. Armtec Infrastructure Solutions was recently selected to supply the crash-tested sound barriers for the beautiful and iconic Sea to Sky Highway which connects the two 2010 Winter Olympics host municipalities, Vancouver and Whistler. These barriers will feature Durisol Paraglas Soundstop transparent panels that allow both motorists and residents to make the most of their views of the highway’s spectacular natural surroundings.

Armtec Infrastructure Solutions’ new regional structure brings together sales, engineering and other customer support people on a single, locally based team that is focused on customer satisfaction. That focus has been a key to success on supply contracts with the Port Mann-Highway 1 project in the Vancouver area, a P3 infrastructure project that is one of the largest ever undertaken in North America. Armtec Infrastructure Solutions provided a range of solutions to meet the needs of the client, including the supply of a series of products and services such as precast bridges, precast EPS screen walls and overpasses.

The company also supplied steel and plastic drainage products, as well as various utility products.“As a leading player in Western Canada markets, we are constantly working to expand on the strong relationships we’ve built with all major contractors, designers and owners,” Phillips says. Those relationships will be invaluable as Phillips sees growth starting to return to the British Columbia infrastructure market.

“We continue to broaden our scale and scope,” he says. “And we are in a great position to benefit from the next phase of British Columbia’s Gateway Program, which is the South Fraser Perimeter Road, a new 40-kilometer highway project located in the Greater Vancouver area.“Not only are we broadening our scale and scope, we are always looking for ways to make continuous improvements in facilities and processes,” Phillips explains. “A key to the success of [Armtec Infrastructure Solutions] is the highly trained people we employ at all of our facilities to serve our customers. Investing in them is a priority and a key component in our future growth.”

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