Grow Your Storage picGYS LLC is a major player in the self-storage markets of Colorado and Texas.
By Alan Dorich

More than 20 years ago, self-storage buildings were often built on the edges of towns and on sites that could be cheaply purchased. But times have changed since those “good old days,” Lee Fredrick says.

“That whole process has evolved now to where we are targeting infill development in hard-to-entitle sites,” he says. “The most important component of the business is locating your property in the right place.”

Fredrick is a partner in Grow Your Storage LLC (GYS LLC), a self-storage specialist firm that offers development and entitlement services, construction design and management, and property management. He founded the company in 1995.

Mobile ModularMobile Modular continues its success by consistently communicating with its employees, partners and customers.
By Bianca Herron

For more than 30 years, Mobile Modular has been a leader in the temporary modular space industry. The Livermore, Calif.-based company has served the commercial and education markets, renting everything from single-floor modular offices to multi-section portable classrooms and office complexes.

Mobile Modular’s parent company is McGrath Rentcorp, which manages a diversified portfolio of business-to-business equipment rental providers worldwide. Mobile Modular has expanded well outside of California into the District of Columbia and 16 states including Georgia, Florida, North and South Carolina, Maryland, Virginia and Texas.

Schnippel photoSchnippel Construction continues to lead with innovative methods in hospitality construction.

By Chris Kelsch

When Tom Schnippel graduated with a degree in civil engineering in 1971 and went to work for his dad, he immediately was put to work on an interesting project. His father, Gene Schnippel, was in the process of designing and building his first hotel.

It was in the middle of a recession and financing was difficult to obtain, so buildings had to be designed as economically as possible. “We went through a series of six to seven economical designs,” Schnippel recalls. “Each time I would review it with my dad, we would come up with less-expensive methods.”

Though he probably didn’t know it at the time, the younger Schnippel was formulating methods and practices that would guide Schnippel Construction Inc. for the next four decades. The company would go on to complete more than 50 hotel projects throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. More than 95 percent of those projects have been design/build.

Construction ResultsConstruction Results Corporation develops a reputation for tackling unique and complicated projects.
By Kat Zeman

Construction Results Corporation is always up for a challenge. Be it structural or financial, the Plymouth, Minn.-based commercial and industrial builder doesn’t frown upon unique and challenging projects.

When a convenience store in a skyway adjacent to the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis wanted to stay open during remodeling, Construction Results made it happen – with minimal disruption to its client’s business.

image2829 splashC. Laney is rebuilding cabins at Gatlinburg, Tenn.’s Westgate Resorts that were lost in forest fires.
By Alan Dorich

C. Laney & Sons Construction Inc. sets itself apart in its industry by building projects that are tougher than the average job, Operations Manager Luke Laney says. “Some people don’t necessarily want to take them on,” he admits.

The company is at work on such a project that also represents a massive rebuild. Last November, forest fires damaged Westgate Resorts in Gatlinburg, Tenn., and destroyed 79 multifamily cabins that the contractor had built.

Heart of America picHeart of America’s investment in a high-profile corner of Altoona, Iowa, is beginning to pay off with its Shoppes at Prairie Crossing project.
By Jim Harris

Heart of America Group’s acquisition of 176 acres of land near the junction of Interstate 80 and Interstate 65 in Altoona, Iowa, beginning in the year 2000 raised more than a few eyebrows among the company’s real estate development peers.

“People had wondered why we would buy such a remote site,” CEO Mike Whalen says. “Obviously, today, they understand why.”

The Moline, Ill.-based developer subsequently purchased additional lots in the area, bringing its total to more than 230 acres. The purchases followed Whalen’s learning of a highway loop project that would link the northeast corner of the Des Moines metro area – in which Altoona is located – to the southwest corner. That loop – completed in 2007 – brought a much higher profile to the region, making it more desirable for commercial development, Whalen adds.

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