Webcor MetropolisThe Metropolis megaproject in Los Angeles demands a huge fast-track effort from Webcor and its project partners.
By Jim Harris

Typically, general contractors working on a project the size of the Metropolis project in Los Angeles are given several months of preconstruction time before breaking ground. Webcor, however, had roughly four weeks between the time it was awarded the mixed-use project and when work actually began in 2014. 

“Another contractor had broken ground; Greenland, USA decided they would talk with other contractors about the actual construction so they came to us. Per their request, we provided them with a general conditions and fee proposal based on our available staffing,” Project Director Bill Lee says. “They awarded to us at the end of May 2014 after interviewing us and on the basis of this proposal, then informed us we needed to start new construction before July 4.

“We did not have a preconstruction period at all and had to begin to procure critical subcontractors immediately,” he adds. “This job has been a sprint from the start; usually jobs this size take their time, but here we had to run, and we have never stopped running. The owner desired that this project to move quickly on the premises of safety and quality, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

First Capital picFirst Capital Realty incorporates the look and history of a former brewery into its latest shopping center development.

By Tim O’Connor

Edmonton is a tough place to live for those who love shorts and T-shirts. The temperature is cold most of the year, averaging about 13 F in winter and topping out at about 64 F in summer, according to Canadian government statistics. “Nine months of winter and three months tough sledding,” jokes Ralph Huizinga, vice president of acquisition and development for Canadian developer First Capital Realty. So when the weather is nice, Edmonton residents want to soak in as much of it as possible.

With the Edmonton Brewery District, First Capital Realty is creating a shopping experience that caters to that Edmonton lifestyle. On warm days, people are drawn to the center’s rooftop restaurants and wide pedestrian pathways. In the winter, visitors can slip on their light athleisure wear, park in the underground climate-controlled garage and enter their gym without ever needed to brave the frigid air outside. The mall itself connects to a multi-use city trail used by bicyclists and joggers alike. “You have to provide for that opportunity,” Huizinga says.

RD Olson PicGeneral contractor R.D. Olson Construction owes its success to its employees who develop excellent relationships with customers.

By Stephanie Crets

R.D. Olson Construction believes that its greatest asset is the people who work for the company. Their skills, talent and dedication to the company’s customers and client partners give R.D. Olson an edge over most in construction industry. Thanks to these relationships built over the last 37 years, the company is able to negotiate 80 percent of its projects on an annual basis.

“We truly focus on customer relations and partnerships,” President Bill Wilhelm says. “It’s not about how big we can grow. We’re not chasing a number. We’re focused on growing the revenue based on the success we have with our customers and partners. As they grow, we grow along with them. With that mindset, we are able to negotiate a high volume of work because customers know what they’re getting, and then we exceed these expectations.”

Hensel PhelpsHensel Phelps recently completed work on the first phase of a major expansion to Navy Federal Credit Union’s Pensacola, Fla., campus.

By Jim Harris

One of the United States’ largest contractors is helping the world’s largest credit union grow even further. Hensel Phelps’ Southeast District on 22 December 2016 finished final turnover for the Phase 1 expansion project of Navy Federal Credit Union’s campus in Pensacola, Fla.

Boyle picA series of new projects has cemented Boyle Investment Co. as a premier developer of mixed-use projects in Memphis and Nashville.

By Tim O’Connor

Boyle Investment Co.’s most valuable asset is its experience. The 84-year-old company has an extensive portfolio that includes most any kind of development imaginable, from suburban subdivisions to massive downtown mixed-use projects, hotels, and office and retail facilities.

“Boyle is one of Memphis’ oldest real estate developers and has a longstanding reputation for quality developments that stand the test of time,” Vice President Les Binkley says. “We are a long-term holder of real estate and are known for our attention to detail.”

M3 picM3 has leveraged its paper mill operations, engineering and construction expertise into a promising future.

By Chris Kelsch

M3 Construction CEO Michael Steimle said “yes” to a challenge and founded a company in the process.

As the general contractor for Orchids Paper Products’ new Barnwell, S.C., facility, Steimle brought a wealth of experience in designing and building paper mills. “I actually started off in the paper industry as an engineer in a paper mill,” Steimle says. “We can design it, we can build it and we can operate its equipment. Few other contractors can sit on all sides of the project table the way we can.”

Because of that experience, Orchids Paper had no problem in trusting him with Steimle’s first major project in 2015. “From the beginning, Orchids showed a get-it-done mentality and no-nonsense attitude in building teamwork,” Steimle says.

Holland Gaas picHolland Gaas is bringing its popular greenhouse insect netting systems to the building industry.

By Tim O’Connor

The Great Recession put a stranglehold on the entire construction industry, but a few well-positioned companies found opportunities in the worldwide economic downturn. Holland Gaas, a manufacturer and supplier of insect netting systems for greenhouses, had built up a customer base of small projects.

Then the recession hit and the number of new construction projects dwindled. To survive, European greenhouse builders expanded to other continents to maintain the same workload. In doing so, those clients brought Holland Gaas to a wider audience.


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