It’s not every project that has a potential to define a community, but Parc Lafayette could very well be one of those projects. The 250,000-square-foot mixed-use development aims to bring a European style to the Lafayette, La., community and to the surrounding area known as Acadiana. The combination of commercial retail, commercial office, restaurants and upscale hotel will go a long way in defining ASX Construction.

Aside from being major New York City metropolitan landmarks, what do the George Washington Bridge, Yankee Stadium, Citi Field, the Museum of Modern Art, the Waldorf Astoria and the Transportation Hub at the New World Trade Center have in common? They were all serviced by the same painting contractor – L&L Painting Co. Inc. of Hicksville, N.Y. “There are very few contractors in the country who can claim such a diverse yet monumental portfolio,” Operations Director Ross Levine asserts. 

The SFJAZZ Center in San Francisco is not designed to be a large, monolithic concert hall meant to intimidate visitors. “We don’t want this to be a foreboding architectural experience for the people coming into it,” says Kevin Causey, director of development for SFJAZZ, the organization that commissioned the $63 million, 35,000-square-foot facility slated to open in January 2013. “Jazz has long embodied a democratic attitude – you don’t need a lot of money or to get dressed up and go to a big hall to hear it. We wanted a facility that would reflect that open spirit.”

The quality of work of many types of subcontractors can be difficult to visualize for many people who visit completed work sites. The work done by specialized trades, while critical to the success of projects, is often behind walls, under floors or otherwise behind the scenes. Berardi Stone Setting’s work, however, is front and center on every project it has completed in Manhattan and elsewhere – on building exteriors, floors, walls, columns and walkways. The White Plains, N.Y.-based company supplies and installs natural stone, tile and masonry products on commercial and mixed-use buildings.

Unlike some real estate companies that develop projects and sell them within a fairly brief time period after they complete construction, Westcorp Properties Inc. of Edmonton, Alberta, builds for the long haul. “We are very cognizant of what the value of a property is going to be upon completion because that dictates our capital structure and what financing is available,” President Philip J. Milroy says. “But we are also very cognizant of value for the long haul.

TL Wallace Construction Inc. is a firm that places a strong emphasis on moral values, Division Vice President L.D. Harris says. He explains that the company believes in such tenets as “honesty, integrity and just doing what we say we’re going to do.” Based in Columbia, Miss., TL Wallace is a full service general contracting and construction management company that serves the U.S. commercial construction industry. Its history goes back to 1958, when CEO Thomas L. “Tommy” Wallace began working at the Dixie Paving Co. as an equipment operator.

In studying minerals, one is likely to learn that goethite produces red, yellow and brown colors; lepidocrocite yields reds and oranges; magnetite cultivates a black color; hematite generates bright and dark reds; and maghemite creates brown and blue-black colors. All of these minerals are iron oxides, and they have been used since prehistoric times to add pigment to various substances. The basic techniques may be thousands of years old, but Solomon Colors Inc. innovates in creating new products and technology to maintain its position as a major U.S.-owned producer of iron oxide pigments. 

If anything resembles shipping coal to Newcastle, it would be importing sand to an island. But in the Cayman Islands, the fine sand required for plastering work is unavailable. “We can’t take beach sand that is smooth and fine off our beaches anymore,” Contracts Manager Jefford Bodden points out.

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