In studying minerals, one is likely to learn that goethite produces red, yellow and brown colors; lepidocrocite yields reds and oranges; magnetite cultivates a black color; hematite generates bright and dark reds; and maghemite creates brown and blue-black colors. All of these minerals are iron oxides, and they have been used since prehistoric times to add pigment to various substances. The basic techniques may be thousands of years old, but Solomon Colors Inc. innovates in creating new products and technology to maintain its position as a major U.S.-owned producer of iron oxide pigments. 

If anything resembles shipping coal to Newcastle, it would be importing sand to an island. But in the Cayman Islands, the fine sand required for plastering work is unavailable. “We can’t take beach sand that is smooth and fine off our beaches anymore,” Contracts Manager Jefford Bodden points out.

Pavestone Co. LLC designs its products according to a delicate balance where function is the priority but aesthetics are also a must, thus “Creating Beautiful Landscapes.” The national manufacturer of leading innovations for concrete pave stones and retaining walls has 16 regional manufacturing facilities and distributes to more than 40 states.

Based upon the principles of hard work and integrity, Mady Development Corp. has established an enviable track record of investment performance in value-added commercial and residential real estate development. The Markham, Ontario-based company continues to build upon its reputation for quality and client satisfaction by integrating turnkey services into its work scope.

When selling a product, it’s always a good idea to have extensive knowledge about the item. At The Lusco Brick & Stone Co., employees strive to know about brick and stone products and how its customers will want to use them. “I think that’s the foundation of a lot of [our business],” President Bruce Gilkeson says. “We work hard to build good, strong relationships with the manufacturers that we represent.”

It has been four years since Ledcor Construction Ltd. first broke ground on The Bow, a 58-story, 2 million-square-foot architectural masterpiece that will stand as the tallest building in western Canada at 775 feet. Despite its enormity and complex design, no major obstacles have – or will – hinder the Calgary project from reaching a successful completion in spring 2012, Senior Vice President Kerry Gillis maintains.

Cougar Sales and Rental Inc. was founded in 1968 by R.J. Schmitt and Jim Holton primarily as a concrete sawing and drilling company. “We evolved into the sales and rental end of that type of work, and obviously have expanded into numerous other product lines since then,” Vice President Marty Schmitt, R.J.’s son, acknowledges. 

Many construction mistakes can be hidden from the eye. Faulty pipes that lay below the foundation or insufficient insulation tucked behind a wall can cause issues in the long run, but may not be readily apparent when the contractor hands over the owner’s keys, not so with surface interior work. Which is why the painting contracting company Ascher Brothers Co. Inc. has one rule when it comes to mistakes – don’t make any. 

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