Marous Brothers Construction continues to evolve from its origins as a small carpentry and home remodelling contractor while retaining the skills and values on which it was founded 32 years ago. The Willoughby, Ohio-based company self-performs up to 40 percent of its projects, including site, concrete, carpentry and interior finishing work. “We consider ourselves true builders,” President Chip Marous says. “Self-performing our work helps us control our schedule, budget and quality, and quality is what we’re known for.”

Deciding on the materials to build a revolutionary new Dierbergs grocery store in a St. Louis suburb with its own underground parking garage required a modified design/build approach. “This would be a design/build but modified in that the architect and designers are working direct for Dierbergs,” HBD Construc­tion President Michael Perry explains. “We were involved from day one on a preliminary budget and began performing preconstruction services – in effect, acting like a construction manager which turns into a general contractor.”

If there is any trait that Harden Group embodies, it is efficiency, Vice President of Leasing Tyler Harden says. “We’re able to turn around [projects] quite quickly and make decisions in a timely fashion in order [to] push our business forward [faster than others],” he declares. For instance, if Harden Group identifies a site it wants for a particular development, the company can purchase it and immediately commence construction. “We’ve done it as [quickly] as a couple of weeks,” he says. “The bigger guys are not as nimble to do that as we are.”

Yearout Mechanical Inc. knows the majority of its customers are looking to them to provide sustainable building solutions. With a staff containing several LEED certified professionals and a track record that includes dozens of LEED certified projects – including the first LEED and LEED-Gold projects in its home state – the Albuquerque, N.M.-based mechanical contractor is well-versed in “green” building.

One of the ways our nation’s economy can get back on solid ground is by making sure we are making the best use of our real estate. Around the country, various parcels of land are not seeing the financial performance that should be expected, and The Klein Group is one of the companies looking to change that for the better.

Space and safety are two never-ending battles taunting the construction industry, and ironically enough, the two factors are often related since lack of space can be a safety issue in itself. However, as Cianbro Corp. demonstrates during construction of the Bangor Events Center in Maine, those battles are not insurmountable. Cianbro has proven on countless projects that safety concerns and space constraints need not pose a risk to a project’s timely completion.

It’s not every project that has a potential to define a community, but Parc Lafayette could very well be one of those projects. The 250,000-square-foot mixed-use development aims to bring a European style to the Lafayette, La., community and to the surrounding area known as Acadiana. The combination of commercial retail, commercial office, restaurants and upscale hotel will go a long way in defining ASX Construction.

Aside from being major New York City metropolitan landmarks, what do the George Washington Bridge, Yankee Stadium, Citi Field, the Museum of Modern Art, the Waldorf Astoria and the Transportation Hub at the New World Trade Center have in common? They were all serviced by the same painting contractor – L&L Painting Co. Inc. of Hicksville, N.Y. “There are very few contractors in the country who can claim such a diverse yet monumental portfolio,” Operations Director Ross Levine asserts. 

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