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Sabre Commercial's client focus enables the Austin, Texas-based company to secure repeat projects and continue to grow.

By Jim Harris

For Sabre Commercial's founding partners, establishing a company at the onset of the Great Recession in 2008 reinforced the value of establishing close relationships with clients. During the company's early years, it relied on a handful of clients in the Austin, Texas, commercial construction market.

“The genesis of the company was really our desire to go out on our own and provide a high level of service and relationship-driven business practices more than anything else,” COO Todd Reimers says.  Reimers and partners John Cyrier and Matt Lutz co-founded the company after working for other real estate and construction-related companies. “Initially, we focused on tenant improvements and interior build-outs, because that's what we did the most of in the past. In 2008, there were very few ground-up opportunities in Austin because of the uncertainty in the economy and the inability to secure funding from lenders.”

Phaze Concrete picPhaze Concrete’s crews can go wherever its clients need high-quality flatwork, tilt-up construction and parking and multi-level structures.

By Eric Slack

Phaze Concrete has grown substantially since it started in 2003 with a handful of employees. Today, it is a $43 million business with 220 employees specializing in delivering quality concrete to the construction industry.

From offices in Hildale, Utah, Denver and Oklahoma City, Phaze Concrete is licensed to work in 17 U.S. states. Most of its projects take place in the western United States, although it has ventured east on a project-specific basis. The company specializes in flatwork, tilt-up construction and parking and multi-level structures.

WE ONeilW.E. O’Neil is at work on Denver’s newest Mercedes-Benz and BMW dealerships.

By Alan Dorich

Strong leadership has been key for W.E. O’Neil Construction Co.’s success, Project Manager Brad Benefield says. “They have a fairly unique approach to client satisfaction and building long-term relationships with a good deal of success,” he says.

DDG DDG Construction has established itself as a reliable builder for Holiday Inn Express and Hampton Inn Suites.

By Alan Dorich

When general contractors do not maintain transparency with developers, it can make the experience of building projects unpleasant, Jai Desai says. “When developers hear the word ‘change-order,’ they get scared,” he says.

Irving, Texas-based DDG Construction avoids instilling such fears. Desai got the idea for the company after hearing horror stories from family and friends. “They would hire general contractors and get a ton of change-orders,” he recalls. “They would start a project with one thing in mind, and then realize everything they were told was a lie.”

Shield Air SolutionsShield Air Solutions streamlined its processes and shortened delivery times to meet its customers demand by improving communication.

By Tim O’Connor

In early 2014, one of Shield Air Solution’s major goals was to improve on-time delivery to customers. The Houston company’s on-time delivery rates hovered between 25 and 30 percent. Shield began streamlining engineering and production of its explosion-proof HVAC systems. Within six months of implementing improvements in communication Shield improved to 95 percent of products delivered on time.

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