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TP Mechanical says safety and innovation have been the bedrock of its success.

By Chris Petersen

For more than 60 years, TP Mechanical has been a leader in the Midwest, completing numerous successful large-scale construction projects ranging from factories to schools to hospitals. President and CEO Bill Riddle says the company’s success has been driven by a focus on safety and innovation, and will continue to concentrate on these areas as it serves clients with the highest-quality plumbing, HVAC and fire protection service in the market.

Whoop WirelessWhoop Wireless offers wireless mobile solutions that meet building owners’ specific needs.

By Chris Petersen

In the early days of wireless networking, a relatively small number of large property owners relied on telecommunications carriers to provide their buildings with the infrastructure necessary to keep mobile devices connected to their networks, much in the same way the phone company used to provide everyone with their telephones. However, just as telephones have evolved into mobile devices that can be customized to fit each user’s specific needs, today, large numbers of mid-sized property owners in the enterprise market segment are seeking out indoor wireless systems that can meet their critical business needs without being able to rely on the carriers’ resources.

EM Duggan picE.M. Duggan is a top mechanical contractor in Massachusetts because it continues to look for ways to enhance its diverse suite of services.
By Eric Slack

Founded in 1891, E.M. Duggan has grown from a small plumbing repair and maintenance business into a top-quality plumbing, HVAC and fire protection contractor in eastern Massachusetts. Now in its fifth generation as a family run business and at 125 years old, E.M. Duggan is known for high-quality work, outstanding service, completing projects on time, within budget, and controlling cost through prefabrication capabilities.

Today, E.M. Duggan’s capabilities extend from pre-construction, CAD services, prefabrication and plumbing to HVAC, fire protection, safety and quality, green building and 24-hour services. It has diversified its services over time while ensuring consistent quality throughout expansion. E.M. Duggan has kept up with emerging market technologies like BIM, and it has demonstrated its ability to work in a wide variety of sectors, including commercial, industrial, institutional, medical, government, educational, hospitality, laboratories, mixed use, stadiums, theaters, LEED certified and multifamily residential.

“The company has become a full-service mechanical contractor, revolutionizing itself over time,” Executive Vice President of Operations Len Monfredo says. “We are one of the top mechanical contractors in Boston in revenue, and have been involved with many of the biggest projects in the area. We mainly work within greater Boston, but we are a union shop, and unions are aggressively going after more projects and setting up residential rates for locals. Those rates will help us to compete in more places.”


JH Greene picCreating and nurturing lasting relationships with clients is key to the success of JH Greene & Son Inc.

By Chris Petersen

JH Greene & Son Inc. has been serving the Mid-Atlantic region for more than 40 years, and Director of Preconstruction Tony Chase says the company’s longevity is thanks in large part to the long-term relationships it develops with clients. Even though the company continues to grow by taking on new clients and entering new sectors, Chase says JH Greene thrives by turning new clients into legacy clients that can be served repeatedly. Those relationships are made possible by the company’s extensive experience, diversified expertise, and attention to client value.

Founded in 1974 by James Greene Sr., who still has an active role within the company, JH Greene specializes in commercial work, including general construction, construction management and owner’s representation. Together with James Greene Jr., the current President, JH Greene has developed from its robust foundation into an even further diversified solutions provider. Chase says the company’s portfolio encompasses a wide range of commercial projects, including retail, restaurants, entertainment venues, healthcare facilities, office spaces and industrial projects.

Majestic picThe Badger Logistics Center will bring Majestic Realty’s reputation for quality industrial facilities to the Midwest.

By Tim O’Connor

With 76.5 million square feet of space in its portfolio, California-based Majestic Realty Co. is the largest privately owned national industrial developer. But until now, the company has not had a presence in the Midwest. That will soon change with the completion of the Badger Logistics Center later this year.

Majestic Realty had been exploring the Midwest market for several years as it sought the ideal place to build an industrial facility. It found that site in the southern Wisconsin town of Pleasant Prairie, just 45 minutes away from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport and less than a half-hour from Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee.

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