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For more than 30 years, Centurion Construction. Co. Inc. says it has strived to partner with others to excel in construction. “Our simple mission to provide the highest quality construction in a timely manner has allowed our company to not only grow, but more importantly, obtain an exceptional level of client satisfaction,” it says. 

Based in Raleigh, N.C., Centurion Construction provides general contracting, design/build and construction management services. CEO Marshall Gurley Sr. started the company in Raleigh in 1980.

Today, as a Class C organization, Centurion provides construction services for nearly all types of commercial projects. “Our marketing efforts are primarily directed toward negotiated, design/build and select invited bid projects,” it says, adding that its project types include offices and retail, as well as healthcare, religious, educational and industrial.

“Maintaining a continuous presence in the public bid market enables Centurion to remain current in the bid environment while broadening our subcontractor and vendor resource base,” it says. “Approximately 20 percent of the company’s current work volume is the result [of] successful bids and awards of public projects.”

Centurion’s current work includes two projects at Pitt Community College in Winterville, N.C. The company is 10 percent complete on a 56,340-square-foot, two-story building addition with classrooms and offices, while it is 45 percent complete on a 25,881-square-foot maintenance and office building. This project also includes a 6,500-square-foot metal shop and storage building.

High Value

Centurion excels in the area of general contracting and has the ability to take projects from their start to final completion. “In addition to our subcontractor resources, Centurion maintains an in-house force of skilled [craftsmen] to allow Centurion to self-perform work, whenever it is appropriate to expedite a project,” it says.

“Active participation in the bid market and our knowledge of industry conditions shows us to be competitive as a general contractor,” it states. “Centurion’s strong subcontractor/vendor relationships provide for high-quality construction at a cost competitive value.” Centurion’s key partners include Steel Tech Inc.

Proven Abilities

Another area where Centurion is especially equipped to serve is project management. According to the company, all of its project managers utilize state-of-the-art technical tools for collaboration and communications, including Timberline Estimating, Primavera Sure-Track Scheduling and Timberline Cost Controls. “Email communications systems include sending and receiving CAD documents with in-house plotting capabilities,” it says.

“Centurion’s project team members are established in accurate reporting of cost controls throughout the construction process,” the company says. “Our open-book policy gives our clients access to current construction cost information, allowing them to make financial decisions throughout the course of a project.”

Additionally, the company says its project managers have the experience, resources and support to deliver projects on time and budget. “We offer a proven ability to understand our clients’ quality expectations and a sound track record in meeting or exceeding the project quality requirements,” Centurion says.

The Key to Prevention

Centurion strives to stay safe in its projects. “We firmly believe the key to a successful loss prevention program is awareness and on-going reinforcement of our corporate safety policy,” the company says.

“Accidents are preventable, and we are committed to providing a safe work environment for workers on our projects,” it states. “A safe project is ultimately a productive and efficient project.”

To avoid accidents, Centurion’s field personnel participate in OSHA Project Awareness Training along with first aid and CPR training. “Field personnel also receive additional detailed hazard awareness training in accordance with specific project requirements,” it says, adding that its project managers, superintendents and executives also take part in OSHA Awareness training.

“The Centurion safety director works with our project managers and superintendents to develop project-specific safety plants,” it says. “Our safety management program has resulted in an exemplary safety record for our company.”

A Green Resource

Centurion adds that it focuses on green design and construction. “Members of our staff have participated in several projects following LEED guidelines and Centurion is dedicated to sustainable design and construction,“ the company explains. 

“Our staff provides clients with an expanded resource in the green building movement,” Centurion states, adding that its workers are experienced in environmental awareness and develop project-specific plans to enhance environmental impacts. 

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