The community of Coral Springs, Fla., takes pride in its places of worship. Thirteen churches dot the community within a one-mile radius. With church attendance growing each month, GRYCON LLC has been contracted to build an addition to The Church by the Glades in Coral Springs. The CBTG has outgrown their existing facility and must have seven services per weekend to meet the need of their growing congregation.

The $13 million expansion program will feature a 2,000-seat sanctuary, early childhood learning rooms and church administration offices. Construction began Easter 2010 and will to be completed by Easter 2011. 

Kibler says Church by the Glades has a major focus on audio visual equipment as well as lighting and camera coordination. “Their message is produced in a theatrical production setting,” Kibler says. “Every Sunday is like a rock concert for Jesus.”

Because of construction activities taking place within the church’s daily and ongoing operations, GRYCON must work within restricted areas. This is proving to be challenging, especially in finding space for all of the casting beds for the concrete tilt wall panels. Wall panels can be as high as 62 feet tall and weigh in excess of 180,000 pounds.  In order to maintain church operations, GRYCON built new asphalt parking lots to replace the parking that was lost due to building construction.  Upon remodel of the temporary casting beds, the remainder of the parking spaces will be completed. GRYCON also focuses on interior build-out projects.  

At Park Square at Doral, GRYCON is working on a tenant build-out that consists of offices, conference rooms, and corporate gyms.  The sixth-floor gym at Park Square can be used by any of the building’s tenants.  It has a wide array of gym equipment, padded flooring for floor exercises and locker rooms.

The Sales Institute at the H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship at Nova Southeastern University (NSU) is the last area in the Carl DeSantis building that had been previously unfinished.  The Sales Institute is a cutting-edge and state-of-the-art sales, interview, and presentation training facility for the business administration students at NSU. Amongst the amenities is an executive conference room that will host presentations and dinners for visiting dignitaries.  There will be 16 sales presentation and interview rooms that recreate true to life office environments.  These rooms will also use a state-of-the-art audio/ visual system to record the sales presentations and interviews allowing professors and corporate partners to provide the students with the necessary feedback for them to succeed in their chosen field. 

Serving Customers

GRYCON’s management team has more than 175 years of experience. “Our company is young, but our team is very experienced,” Kibler says.

While commercial construction is the company’s expertise, “We’re flexible enough to meet the needs of any client.” Kibler says.  “Construction is all about the process. If you are good at the process, then you can build anything and the byproduct is the successful project.” The company’s portfolio has a wide range of projects from small retail spaces to high-rise buildings.

GRYCON’s corporate philosophy is focused on delivering outstanding workmanship, construction value, and development of long-term relationships with its clients. The company provides services in several areas, including preconstruction, estimating, scheduling, project management, life cycle cost analysis, construction management and project consulting. GRYCON prides itself on working closely with clients, design professionals, subcontractors and vendors in order to add value and produce quality projects.

“What distinguishes us is teamwork, a great work environment, corporate philosophy and integrity,” Kibler says. “Our clients come to us to prepare a realistic budget, provide upfront analysis and to provide value analysis for the project.”

Staff Development

GRYCON faces the same challenges as other contractors – less work and more competition. Before the recession, GRYCON secured contracts solely through client negotiations contracts to find work. “The work … we can do all day long,” Kibler says. “It’s securing the next project that’s challenging.”  Today’s market requires more competitive pricing, but GRYCON is up to the task.

Constant communication plays a key role in meeting this objective. “We’re a smaller, but more efficient staff. Every week our project and management teams have a meeting to go over corporate and project issues,” Kibler says. “We pride ourselves on teamwork.”

As the South Florida construction market moves forward over the next few years, GRYCON will be among the leaders of the construction industry.  “We will continue to be at the forefront of innovation, quality, and leadership ensuring our clients receive the value they demand on all of our projects,” Kibler says.

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