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Since going public in the 1990s, Comfort Systems USA’s goal has been to provide the most complete HVAC service, anywhere, anytime. The company  has done this through a series of strategic acquisitions of local HVAC companies throughout the United States. “We spend a lot of time with the companies before we bring them into the fold,” President and COO Brian Lane says.

“We really get to know them, and they get to know us. Most operations keep their own names. They’re known in that area by their particular name, so there’s no reason to change it. It also gives them autonomy and keeps their entrepreneurial spirit.” 

Lane says the company doesn’t try to control each operation’s day-to-day business, but provides these entities with guidance and resources, from operating best practices to purchasing healthcare.

“We have a lot of faith and confidence in our local presidents,” Lane says. “They’re the key to our success.”

Saving Energy and Money

Energy efficiency is on everyone’s mind, whether the motivation is cost savings or environmental responsibility. Comfort Systems USA is helping its customers realize both of those attributes. Lane explains that while the energy-saving systems may be more expensive at first, he points to examples where customers have cut costs — and energy consumption – down the road.

“We show building owners that saving money and energy can be done,” Lane says. “There’s been some resistance, but the tides are changing. It was a trend before, but now it’s a core part of our business that is here to stay.”

He adds that energy efficiency is one of the company’s key values and Comfort Systems USA’s proposals to potential clients have changed to reflect that.

Comfort Systems USA also is doing its part to help save energy inside and out. In fact, Lane says that the company has more than 100 LEED-accredited professionals on its staff. However, helping the environment isn’t the company’s only act of kindness.

According to Lane, Comfort Systems USA helps in the communities it operates in. Recently, the corporate entity, based in Houston, made donations to help hurricane victims in Texas. He adds that the company also performs charitable acts in its respective communities. “We preach, ‘Do the right thing,’ and we back it up,” he explains.

As Lane ponders the future of Comfort Systems USA, his goal is to make the company the premier source for the entire country’s HVAC needs. “Our focus and competency is installing, maintaining and repairing HVAC systems and equipment,” he says. “We want to keep doing that, but on a larger scale.”

Lane’s focus will remain on the company’s current operations of growing Comfort Sys­tems USA through acquisitions, operational efficiency, service growth and promoting energy efficiency.

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