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Having recently celebrated 31 years in business, New Jersey-based commercial contractor EBS Builders continues to help its clients realize their visions. The company emphasizes building reliability of future performance into every project, as President Tony Bonaduce explains, by insisting on superior workmanship. 

“Not only does tight quality control ensure a polished product, but it also sets up the client for hassle-free operations in the long run in terms of maintenance and facilities issues,” he says. “Creating an environment that runs smoothly after we turn over the keys  is important to us.”

Handling Challenges

This focus on workmanship and reliability is the reason numerous EBS clients are repeat customers, including Belgian bakery chain Le Pain Quotidien (LPQ), Bonaduce says. “I’m proud to announce that we were selected to build [LPQ’s] next New York City location, right in Central Park. The project is very complex as it is in a landmark building,” he adds. “Besides needing approval from the city and the parks commissioner, numerous community boards are also involved in the decision process for any changes to the building.” 

Given the high-profile location, the project represents a unique opportunity for EBS. Bonaduce stresses the balance necessary to create a viable restaurant that also maintains the integrity of the building’s landmark status. EBS is working closely with LPQ’s development team, headed by Tracy McIntosh. 

For this location, LPQ plans to grow some of the ingredients for preparation of menu items on site. “LPQ’s philosophy of providing an organic product blends nicely with the natural setting of the park itself,” Bonaduce says. “Our job is to build the place where it all comes together, the business end, the historical facet and the client’s concept. We anticipate a delicate but smooth build-out, resulting in a positive asset for both the client and New York City.”

Finishing on Schedule

Another recent project was the completion of a 5,000 square-foot addition to Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Andover, N.J. “Throughout this tough winter, weather was a big challenge,” says Matt Loring, vice president of new construction. “We pushed to get done on time, and our job supervisor was there every day to move the project along in spite of heavy snows and rain days.”

EBS prides itself on successfully finishing jobs with a combination of realistic time lines up front and excellent customer service. Clear communication with the client is critical to implementing a schedule and staying on the same page throughout its execution, Loring says. “The church was counting on EBS to deliver their addition on time,” he states. “They desperately needed the extra space for community activities planned for this spring,” he adds. 

Good Shepherd’s new classrooms and other areas will serve the parish well for years to come. “We were as pleased as the church was with the project outcome,” Loring says.

Expanding its Home Base

EBS also just completed construction of its own new space. The company is in the process of relocating, anticipating increased efficiency in operations and service to clients. “We are excited about the move and that our core trades will be housed under one roof, as well,” Bonaduce says. “Close proximity with them will benefit everyone since we can offer them work, build our local subcontractor network for better service, and provide the best pricing for our customers.”

The layout of the company’s new headquarters works better, too, Bonaduce explains. “The new place will enable us to consolidate our shop, storage and office facilities, which are currently scattered. Access­ing and utilizing the materials and tools on hand is easier, we can fabricate on site and receive deliveries much more efficiently.” 

In addition, plenty of parking is available for work vehicles, and access to the shop area is greatly improved over the company’s old location.

Finally, the new office building features larger spaces and additional offices. “The extra room means we can provide our guests the convenience of a private guest office when they visit,” Bonaduce says. “We can meet clients and subcontractors in a more comfortable and professional climate than ever before.” 

West Coast Connection

EBS Builders continues to strengthen its nationwide network of contacts. Joining forces recently with Los Angeles-area Ramland Construction Co. puts EBS in a competitive position to work on the West Coast. 

“We are pleased to say that we completed a successful project just a few weeks ago, a high-profile retail store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills,” Bonaduce says. “I can’t reveal the client for confidentiality reasons, but they are thrilled with the work, and both EBS and Ramland look forward to cooperating on future projects.”  

From the vantage point of its new office, EBS is prepared to tackle its growing project schedule for 2010 and beyond. The company plans to continue networking aggressively for the best customer service possible in the future, while continuing to produce quality work.

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