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Since its start in 1962, general contractor Bachly Construction has gained extensive experience in the arena of shopping center projects, Project Manager Nick Miedema declares. “That’s one of the biggest aspects of our resume,” he says. That past experience is useful for the company as it constructs the new Noble Cherry Smart Centre project in Toronto. The shopping center is Bachly Construction’s first project for developer SmartCentres. 

Building Winners

Miedema notes that the Noble Cherry project includes a two-story Winners department store that will span approximately 45,000 square feet. Bachly Construction also is constructing a single-story structure that will cover approximately 24,000 square feet when finished and house locations both for the Bank of Montreal and Golf Town. 

The project also includes another two-story building that will cover 31,000 square feet and house the RBC Royal Bank, as well as additional office space. The $12 million project, Miedema notes, started construction in June 2009 and will finish in spring 2010.

Detailed Work

Bachly Construction has completed 90 percent of the project, Miedema says. In addition to the buildings, “We constructed two feature towers, which

the tenants,” he says.

Although the structures cover only 500 square feet each, “They’re about two stories in height,” he notes, adding that the company has reworked the center’s parking lot and widened a street entering the development, Laird Drive.

In addition, as the tenants complete their final fit-ups on the interiors, “We’re completing the exteriors,” Miedema explains. “We’ll [also] complete the final asphalt and landscaping in the spring.”

He adds that the three buildings are quite detailed. “They [have] a steel structure with a masonry and stucco façade, consisting of a combination of clay tile, pitched roofs and flat, built-up roof systems,” he says. 

“They [also] have decorative metal railings and false windows on the second floors to match the existing buildings throughout the shopping plaza,” Miedema says.

Keeping Shoppers Safe

As Bachly Construction worked during the 2009 holiday season, “We were building amongst an existing open shopping plaza,” Miedema recalls. In order to keep the local shoppers safe during the project, the company fenced off areas and created dedicated paths that allowed people to access stores and delineated parking to sure the shopping patrons were not disrupted.

A Close-Knit Contractor

Based in Bolton, Ontario, Bachly Construction is a “three-tiered” general contractor that specializes in insurance restoration projects, custom homes, and commercial and industrial buildings, Miedema says. “We mainly started out in the restoration business and branched off into those two other divisions,” he says.

The firm was originally founded in 1962. Since then, “We have strived to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients and industry associates through our unwavering commitment to prompt, courteous and efficient service,” the company says. 

“We provide the highest possible level of quality workmanship in every project that we undertake, from the smallest to the largest,” it says. “Our steady growth for over 40 years has resulted in a solid reputation within the construction industry, both residential and commercial.”

Miedema notes that the company stays successful through hard work and dedication, which includes a focus on detail and customer service. “[We adapt] to customers’ needs, wants and changes they want to make, in a cost-effective manner,” he says. 

For instance, on the Noble Cherry project, Bachly Construction made several changes on the fly for Winners, so that the location could follow its latest store prototypes, Miedema says. In addition, before the Bank of Montreal became a tenant on the Noble Cherry project, the unit was originally to be occupied by a restaurant.

“Therefore, changes came about to accommodate the new occupancy requirements to suit a bank,” Miedema says, noting that these included layout changes. 

Winning Team

Miedema, who joined the company five 

years ago, says that the firm also maintains a close-knit environment. “The staff here are great to work with,” he says.

One staff member that has pleased Miedema on the Noble Cherry project is Lead Site Supervisor Jonathan Mandryk. “He was critical in the aspects of planning and dealing with on-site daily activities,” Miedema says. “In the industry, having a good site super is a key aspect to a successful project.”

He also names Vice President Darren Murphy, who has been with the company for 15 years. “I can’t take all the credit,” Miedema jokes. “[Murphy] was quite involved [in this project].

“I think this is a successful project for all,” he continues, adding that Bachly Construction would like to work for SmartCentres again. “They’re very well-versed in this type of [project].”

Miedema predicts that the contractor also will take on many more similar projects. In addition, “[We will move] forward to forge long-lasting relationships with SmartCentres and all clients,” he says.

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