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Based in New York City, Crossland Mechanical Inc. has served the New York Tri-State area with quality, cost-efficient mechanical engineering solutions to complex commercial projects since 1984. Before President and CEO Luigi Romic acquired the company in 1991, Crossland Mechanical worked on smaller jobs for local general contractors. “Little by little, we evolved and began doing bigger work with the owners and property managers,” Romic explains.

A mechanical engineer by trade, Romic sought to use his knowledge and experience to offer engineering-driven solutions in challenging commercial environments, such as office high rises in Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs. Crossland Mechanical excels on projects that require innovative ideas, Romic says. “It doesn’t matter how difficult the project is, we are capable of finding a solution,” he states.

Successful in its mission, the company now bids on projects belonging to some of the most prestigious developers in the New York area. “Working directly for the owners allows us to manage the project fully, which benefits us in terms of coordination and scheduling – two of our strong points,” Executive Vice President Frank Zappala adds. “Being able to perform a complete project from inception through design, implementation to completion and closeout without issues benefits the building owners.”

However, Crossland Mechanical does enjoy being paired with some of New York’s well-known construction managers such as Tishman Construction and Plaza Construction when the property managers utilize them, he says. “We don’t just bid on projects for anyone,” he notes. “We only bid for general contractors and construction managers we have a relationship with and have worked with in the past.”

Long-Term Relationships

Similarly, Crossland Mechanical subcontracts portions of the work to companies with which it has long-term relationships. “We use them on almost all of our projects,” Romic states.

“We are fully equipped and can mobilize them at any time. We have great relationships with our subcontractors.”

Some of Crossland Mechanical’s key partners include RC Industrial and Gil-Bar Industries Inc.

Only in New York

Since its inception, Crossland Mechanical has evolved into a turnkey services provider. Today, the company offers estimating, system design, implementation, project management and engineering evaluations, as well as maintenance and service contracts to its customer base. It specializes in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, computer rooms and other commercial applications.

A broad service scope has enabled Crossland Mechanical to stay afloat during the tough economy, Zappala says. “There’s not a lot of work out there, and we find it competitive,” he remarks. “Even though we are not experiencing the amount or volume of work we did in the past, we are holding our own in this very tight market.”

No matter how much the industry appears to slow down, mechanical systems still need to be maintained, updated or replaced. “We don’t see things getting better for another year or two, but we’re still in good shape,” Romic says.

One of the more challenging projects Crossland Mechanical has performed was replacing two cooling towers at 521 Fifth Avenue in New York City. Two Evapco cooling towers were transported through the building – including the main lobby – because conventional cranes could not reach the roof of the 42-story building.

The existing cooling towers were demolished, cut to pieces and brought down. The new towers had to be dismantled, transported and assembled on the roof. But the only path to the roof was two consecutive freight elevators and multiple flights of stairs. The heavier pieces were rigged through the ceiling of the 38th floor and elevator machine rooms. Crossland Mechanical created a documentary of its experience, which is available on YouTube. It was a very memorable project for everyone who was involved, Romic says.

Looking ahead, Crossland Mechanical would like to expand its client base to include additional property owners and work on energy-efficient mechanical systems as part of the LEED certification program. It also wants to build upon its reputation for quality, Romic says. “We take a lot of pride in the quality of our work,” he maintains.

Romic immigrated to the United States from Croatia in 1988, only three years before he purchased the company and took it in a new direction. He is proud of the team he built and the city that he serves. “I have come to the conclusion that this is the best place to live,” he says. “Once I came here, my dream was fulfilled.”

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